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Pearce Commission

Citrine, Sterling Silver, Enamel

Citrine, Sterling Silver, Enamel


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McDonald Commission

45 year Anniversary

45 year Anniversary

So here we have the result of a number of hours work. A process of melting and reforming the metal, cleaning the stones that appeared not to have been cleaned in half a century and forming a new ring to which 5 out of 10 of the sapphires have been re-set and 10 of the 20 white stones have been re-set Рall in new tube settings. The remaining metal and stones are to be set onto an existing 9ct gold cuff to match the ring.

An interesting commission to undertake and an adventure that I quite enjoyed. I found the process interesting and enjoyable because I kkew what I wanted to create and it turned out how I expected. The stress for me was in handing it over and hoping that the person who had commissioned the piece liked it just as much as I liked the process of making it. I enjoyed the process so much that I did not want to part with it!

But we all must relinquish our hold on things at some stage.

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Welcome To My New Blog

Welcome everyone to my new blog which I will be using to update you on what is developing in the world of Dan Cox, enabeling you to comment on images of my new works in contemporary jewellery and design.

This fascility should allow you to leave comments and give me vital feedback on pieces I am creating, as well as give you the opportunity to order what you like and see what I can do for you!

Currently I am working on a number of commissions. Brooches, Pendants, Necklaces and the all important Rings, which I will be sharing with you as they come to fruition. So stay tuned and check for regular updates. This is all apart of better business practices and regular contact with potential clients and passed clients who just love to show off their new bling to the world!


Dan Cox

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Commission Rate

Since the completion of University, things have happened to increase in regards to the amount of work that I have been able to get under my belt. Currently I am working on several pieces for variuos clients and looking to pick up only a couple more before the end of this week. Items being requested include pendants, brooches and rings. These are not just for Christmas but also engagements, anniversaries and a general need for all things pretty.

As I get more and more of the work completed the images I will place on this blog for you to all see and comment on. I am hoping that this will become a tool that will allow people to see my work without going to my website as the pages are easier to update here then thay are there!

So stay tunes and you will soon see more as the weeks roll over and more and more work comes to hand.

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