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Alex’s Ring

Alex's Ring

Above is a ring which I re-made for Alex. After seeing Ros McDonald’s ring he asked if I would be able to do something similar in concept with an existing ring that he had which was a plain silver thumb ring. Letting me work with the concept of what I had done ,I created this piece which has had extra sterling silver added to it, white enamel and 9 Sapphires. The idea was to create something different that would stand out enough but not be too over bearing on the hand. This works really well with the enamelling as his hands are tanned therefore the ring stands out just enough to catch people’s eyes and they end up asking about the ring, which makes the jeweller and the wearer feel pretty good about themselves I must say! Especially when those commenting about the ring are fellow jewellers and designers.


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Asian Influence

Having recently arrived back from Cambodia and Thailand, I feel refreshed and ready to start a new year of creativity. To help me on the way I purchased a book on Cambodian Goldsmithing. Having seen what is around in contemporary design in Australia, I feel that this is an area hat I can explore further, giving ancient traditions a fresh face. It is also an area that I feel will interest a lot of people with it’s intricate designs.

This asian influence in my work has also been prevalent, but to tis point I have not included it in my jewellery designs, only my drawings and paintings. So I have decided to extend it further and include these designs in my jewellery.

I am in the process of developing a range of items for this year that I hope to provide to retailers in the early quarter of this year. The plan is to use this range of stock as my higher end of the market stock, where people are after something different from the rest.

As these pieces are developed I will be showing you them here on this blog.

So stay tuned and you will see some beautiful creations coming soon.

Dan Cox

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Donaldson Commission

Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Dress Rings (his and hers)

Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Dress Rings (his and hers)

Commissioned by Trevor Donaldson, these two dress rings were handed over on Christmas Eve for a Christmas present Mr Donaldson was giving his partner. There was a delay in getting the sizing information which caused the hand over to be on Christmas Eve! Something to be avoided in future!

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