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Workshop Expansion

I have recently been looking into expanding my studio space with looking at renting a commercial space in Red Hill. I, along with Carolyn V Watson have been negotiating with a real estate office on a particular sight that would have been fantastic for both of us to use but also create a facility for other artists to rent space from us, as there is always a call for affordable studio space for artists and hobbyists, to which there is just no space available to them. Unfortunately communication broke down with the landlord over who would be paying for what, which now means that we are back to hitting the pavement and having a look at what is available. The beauty of this is that there is plenty available, it’s just a matter of finding the right space for rent.

Even though we have been unsuccessful in securing this particular sight, I have decided to focus on expanding my tiny space I have in the garage slightly with some new purchases that will help me with the whole production process even further. With these purchases I am looking at supplying MOB, Retrospect Galleries and Artisan all at the same time and launching it all with a jewellery party to show friends and family and potential clients what I have been doing and showing them where they will be able to get my products. I am also thinking of producing work to have a stall at the young designer markets as well as the boutique markets at port-side! This should generate a bit of income, but I have to spend the money first of course!

I will be getting everything together in the next couple of weeks as far as the pieces themselves are concerned, as I have some time off from Oxlades and will be using this time wisely to show a presence at MOB workspace and start on my new products. I look at launching all of this with new images for the web and a brochure that I will be able to provide to retailers that best demonstrates my work and can be used as a selling tool.

So there are going to be a few busy weeks ahead of me but I am looking forward to getting it altogether and showing you all soon.

For those of you who have not seen my space:





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Common Heritage

Alex and I attended Rachelle’s 30th birthday on the weekend. Rachelle is my dearest friend who I have known for a very long time. As she has only been back in Australia from travelling around the world for a short period of time, her and her husband (Joe), are staying with Joe’s parents – Ange and Mike. Both Alex and myself have met Ange and Mike on previous visits with Rachelle and Joe and have had wonderful conversations with them both, this time being no exception!

As it turns out, Mike’s family lived in Papua New Guinea for a while before the Japanese invaded during the war. Alex’s family also lived up in Papua New Guinea, with his mother’s family having owned plantations until the late 70’s:

As discussed with Alex, Joe’s great grandfather (Frank Saunders – grandmother’s father) used to own three copra plantations in New Guinea, Kavieng. He was captured (allegedly) by the Japanese and put on the ship – Montevideeo Maru- which was torpedoed and sunk off the coast in the Philippines. The family used to own a couple of small islands and the family wharf at Kavieng was called Saunders wharf. The one and only hotel at Kavieng, Malagan Lodge, has numerous photos of the family. Think that was the family general store back in the 1930’s. There is a book written about the Kavieng Massacre and it is a sad story.

Kind regards,

Angeleen and Michael Bennett

I have spoken with Jillian, Alex’s mum and informed her of Frank. Investigation has pursued and she is now reading up on Frank Saunders.

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Racing against the clock

Well the last couple of weeks have been a little crazy!

I have managed to pick up a few commissions. The commissions now consist of a brooch, sculpture, bracelet, ring, cufflinks, and 2 wedding rings. Not only that but I have an adjustment to do and another ring to make for Lizzy.

When it rains it rains hey! I am currently working on the bracelet and the brooch, researching the image for the sculpture and getting some rings ready for the tiny worlds exhibition happening at Artisan in August!

I love being busy and it all seems to pay off which is the best part about it.

I can cope with the demand of time on me at the moment and am slowly getting things done. It is all exciting really and I am looking forward to showing yu the results once pieces have been completed.

Until then…..

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