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New Addition

Alex and I recently did an interior consult for Sarah and James Earnshaw, after they saw what we had done for our neighbours.

We went in and helped them select the colours they should paint their house, took them on a shopping trip for soft furnishings to compliment their existing furniture and re-hung their pictures.

Sarah was heavily pregnant when this was all happening and wanting to get it all organised before the baby came along.

A few weeks later we have received an email from Sarah with this photo attachment:

Sarah and James -the new addition

I’m not sure if she is yawning or just about to scream her lungs out!!


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Spammers and Hackers Suck!!

That’s all I have to say on the subject really!

I have had to close down due to some low life hacking into my account and sending everyone in my address spam emails!

I have people still letting me know that they are still receiving these vile emails from my address so I have gone back into the account only to change the password and delete any emails I have received and anyone in my address book. This is a waste of my time really and that annoys me!! I am right in the middle of working on pieces and now I am losing the momentum!

This has forced me into using a different email account to which I have informed everyone that I regularly contact.

Everyone else will find out eventually when I upload their details into my new address book.

Data entry fun and excitement coming my way!!! It will be like working at DHL again!! Only this time I am paying myself! What’s the saying: “Pay peanuts, work with Monkeys”

Oh well!

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On Your Mark!!!

Well I am very excited !

My new castings have arrived in anticipation of their transformation into my new range of work! I am in the process of figuring out the combinations. I already know what i am doing for the earrings so that is fine and I will be able to work on those from now on to get them done. There are also new cuff links coming and there will also be come beaded work.

This has put me in a better mood than I was with the last post! This business can be a little frustrating at times, but the thing I always come to realise is that there are people out there who are wanting my pieces and retailers who want to stock it so I cannot really ask for more – although I seem to always ask for more!!

I am really excited though about getting these pieces made and out to the retailers as soon as possible.

There are a couple more designs that I will be working on leading up to going to Barbara’s on Thursday as I would like to have these molded so I can send off further waxes for casting. There is going to be a big push from me to get this all happening and out there with plenty of time before Christmas and the sales that will be leading up to then.

Plenty happening really and I can’t wait to show you all what they all look like!

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Another One Bites the Dust!

Double pod ToowoombaIt is hard to keep focus and be positive sometimes.

I have just heard back from Contemporary Wearable and they have advised that I was not selected this year for the exhibition.

Disappointing really and it always makes you wonder what people are looking for.

It was the same with the Small Works exhibition at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne. No doubt that piece will be sent back to me without selling, adding insult to injury!

I know that I should not let these things get to me but when you slave over a piece and you are quite happy with the outcome of these pieces then you think that they may get somewhere. But who can really tell what the selectors of these “competitions” are after.

Take for instance Small Works. The winners of this exhibition consisted mainly of 2d work! What is that all about. There were only 2 artists who achieved anything with 3d work and I don’t even think they were the major prizes. What is the art world after if it is only all 2d? Are they all focused on the wall mounting pieces that will sell easier than a sculpture because people always have walls but may not always have a place for a sculpture. As someone who hardly dabbles in the 2d I find it quite annoying that there is always a preference given to the consumerism mentality of buying work for interior decoration that can easily be placed in a space.

By saying this I am not anti 2d work and know many artists who work in this field. I don’t want to diss the artists I am more so dissing the jurors of these exhibitions who seem to have a preference for all things 2d.

But then that leave Contemporary Wearables. That just gives you self doubt really. I think the work is worthy but I may be too close to really know!

It is well executed and I am happy with the results, but there is now a level of doubt that creeps in to my psyche that undermines what I think of my work and the comments that I may have received on the work.

Like others have said to me, who have been there before, who the hell knows what these people think or what side of the bed they wake up on as art in it’s simplest form is simply subjective!

Matchstick Man

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Ready, Set, Go!!!

Well I have purchased some new equipment for the workshop and have been getting it all ready for use for when I get all my castings back from Palloys early next week. I am also waiting for the metal to turn up for A&E…that should be here soon I hope so I can get started on one commission and also get started on the production work for the retailers and have them supplied as soon as possible. I would like to have things in the cabinets as soon as the beginning of August so I am not really giving myself that long. But as long as I am supplying people then they will be happy and I will be happy that they will be able to make sales and I will be getting money back on my investments!

I have gone with the equation of a set of each of my current works with each supplier and I will be able to add to these as time goes on. I don’t want to over-extend myself..I have that tendency and that would be a bad thing. I would want to put my best foot forward rather than just run of the mill crap!

But there will be plenty to see soon enough.

Michelle’s bracelet is finally coming together. I have had a few problems with getting it to work the way it needs to and I will have to try and have it finished sooner rather than later as it needs to go off to the setter to have the stones set in it. I have finally managed to get the width correct but it seems a little thin. I hope the setter does not turn around and say that it is too thin!! Where there is a will there is a way and if they are anything like Juan then they will be able to set it! Even if they have to add a little to the back, but the width is 0.94 so there should be enough room!

Babs has been getting me to solder and stretch links, which at first does not sound like it would be very complicated but when you go to stretch the link, they have a tendency to snap. This is quite painful and means that they have to be re-soldered together. That is a second set of soldering, then sanding and finishing off! Not a very time saving concept when you are looking at being able to produce a number of these chains, but she reassured me today that it will work. I see a lot of practice coming up – but hey, at least I will be able to solder anything and stretch it!

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