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Woodford Folk Festival

I have been asked to put together a workshop that will run over 2 days of the Woodford Folk Festival between Christmas and New Years!!

Metal based work that will be worn during the parade on New Years Eve. More info when it comes to hand!!!


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Well as you may or may not be aware, I have been away for the past week in Samoa. That would be Western Samoa to be precise~

As Alex’s mother has heritage there we went to track further the family tree, and an interesting time we all had.

We met some really lovely people and had a wonderful time in this little country. For a little country there is a large impact. The people and the landscape is amazing and we absolutely enjoyed the culture. We had such a good time and I realised something myself.

I work too damn much and really need to pull back on all the work that I do. So I have decided to. I need to have more life and family balance and at this stage of my life I do not have that. A shame really as this is what should be the most important thing. Yes I enjoy working and creating things but this needs to happen all the time, but I also need to relax and sleep properly and be able to have the energy to create.

I was so relaxed when I came back from Samoa then I opened my emails and that all drifted away suddenly. As much as like organizing exhibitons,, the expectations from the group of JMGQ can wear you down really and I don’t want that anymore. I want to be able to create work and sell it and look after myself instead of organizing everyone else. Especially now that i am teaching – which I love!

There is more satisfaction in the class than in organizing an exhibition and by this stage I have a fair idea of what I am doing. It is about time that someone else took the role and made something else of it.


What a relaxing way to spend the day~!!!

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New Works – Images

Large Pod Brooch – $450

LrgPodBroochDC450ChandPodDC135 The New Chandelier Pod – $135


F-Pod Earrings Small – $220


Khmer Large Earrings – $160


Khmer Small Earrings $135


Pod Cuff – $160


Pod-G Earrings – $260

Pod Brooch

Pod Brooch Large  – 195


All these pieces and more will be going down to Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay as of today!!

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Fruit Season

Well here we are and finally I have some good news about all the work that I have been doing. I now have 15 items ready to go down to Retrospect Galleries tomorrow to arrive to them early next week. They have been a little low on my stock and I am happy to be sending them a bit of a top-up!!

Items included will be from my new range of work, including sml and lrg Khmer Earrings, Pod pieces and Radio Links.

I am still waiting for some of the castings to come to me to finish off other pieces so as soon as that all arrives I will be able to work on finishing off pieces and sending them down to them also.

There are more pieces to work on but I do have a lot done for both Museum of Brisbane and to show Denise from Artisan to hopefully supply them with pieces also.

I am happy with the pricing too. I have tried to keep the pricing reasonable but have also had to put a little bit of an increase in my hourly rate. A much needed wage rise!!!

So all these retailers will have the same pricing and everyone will be fair!!

I can keep working on this new range when i get back from Samoa but will also be able to start on the next lot of things, getting ready for Christmas stock and getting some much needed cheaper market stock out there and selling! A lot of Aluminium and base metal findings. Cheap and easy to make and not at all time consuming. I need to make more of a presence out there and dare I say it, lift the bar a little. It has been a while since I have had a look to see what is in the Southbank market stall but from all accounts they need some help and I have all the ideas swimming in my head as we speak!!!

Photos to follow tomorrow as I have to put these up for the website also!!

Till then…..

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