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Woodford UPdate

Wednesday consisted of a bit of a rush in the morning to put all the pieces together for the proposed project which will be made in the workshop at Woodford Folk Festival this year.

Seeming the theme is the Day of the Dead, I have gone along the way of creating iconography pendants which consist of images of skulls and flowers and such, which participants will feed onto chain and leather with coloured beads. There is a basic structure to it all but these will be individual pieces which participants will be able to personalize.

It was a mad rush but it was good to have it all done and sent, and they should be receiving the post today at the latest…just in time for the deadline!!

Now I will have to organize the accomodation side of it all and confirm the ordering of the materials….

In the mean time, I have been working hard on commissions and stock for the possibility of a studio sale at the end of November. I am also trying to get a copy of my ABN registration for the bank to open the account – which is slightly frustrating!!

Re the studio sale: I am hoping to have it on the last weekend of November. I am working on beaded necklaces with castings, rings, earrings, brooches and cufflinks! There will be a nice variety which is always a good thing and I am also playing around with resins too, in order to have a cheaper material to use that will be apart of the lower price range. Things that are quick to make but effective! The hydraulic press will be getting a bit of a workout I can see! About time really!!


I have also checked out the Woodford Folk Festival website and have noticed that they have placed all the information about this years line up! Here is a link to the information about my workshop!

Check it out!


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Cherish @ (m)art – Artisan

I email Denise from Artisan the other day to see if she would be interested in taking on some of my stock.

She is but due to her busy schedule at the moment, the earliest she would be able to see me would be the end of November, but she added that she would also love to have me in Cherish if I had the stock available and wanted to show a presence at (m)art.

Tomorrow is the day that I am dropping off some of the stock that I have had in the BIA exhibition that did not sell.

There has also been mention that she would love to have my stock in the shop and that there may be another one opening in Brisbane soon, and supplying the two shops would be great for them also. It would give me a broader customer base too as the new store is going to be at Southbank and attracts a different demographic of buyer to a certain extent!

So now I am in the process of thinking of new designs that I have had in my mind for a while and how to make them a reality!

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White Christmas Cuff Links

White Christmas Cufflinks

These were a commission piece done for Norm and Bronwyn Hall. They both saw the ring that I had done for Alex and totally loved the piece but thought that the ring would not suit the son-in-law but pair of cufflinks would be just perfect for him…..and this is the result!!

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Studio Sale and new stock.

I am working towards a studio sale that I am hopeing to have at the end of November, in preperation for orders for Christmas.

I figure if I have it then, people will be able to come to the studio and see the workspace and the works that are for sale and place orders for Christmas.

I am currently arranging new stock to be ready for this time and getting some of the stock ready for retailers also. I know there will be a bit of work in it but it will all be worth while I think.

Things have been increasingly busy and a profit is starting to show in the bank balance which is even better. Having a studio sale where people will be able to see the works and place orders as well as make purchases at discounted prices will be beneficial 2 fold. Not only will people be able to grab a bargain but I will be able to have stock sell that will still cover my costs as well as increase my customer base!!!

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Working on it

Once again I find there has been little time to update the blog due to a few too many things on, but this is a good thing.

I have been working on a number of projects for various people and seem to be getting busier as Christmas approaches.

Cuff links, Michelle’s bracelete and rings have pre-occupied my time and as soon as one job is finished then another begins. This has been exciting and rewarding all at the same time. It is good to see that I am making headway in regards to making my jewellery a viable business and showing the accountant especially that this is going to work!

The current exhibition at the Brisbane Institute of Art has been going well, but I cannot wait to be able to place that stock in M art. Retrospect Galleries have been selling well, as well as Museum of Brisbane. There are a steady stream of commissions happening also which has been great and profitable.

Good to see that this is working.

In the pipeline are more commissions to which images will be placed on the blog as well as a grant application for a sculptural show in the earlier half of next year!

Shall let you all know how that goes!!

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