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Studio Sale Success


The first Dan Cox Studio Sale can be described as nothing but a success.

Thank you to all the people who came and supported the first of many, and to the new clients who have been added to the data base, welcome to the fold!

I have to say that the nerves were on edge as the first sale was made and the eftpos machine was fired up for that first swipe of the credit card.  My sister, Tarnya – who is rather adapt at using the terminal was very impressed with it’s ease of function.  I, on the other hand, was just happy that it worked!

A very hot day it was, reaching 35 degrees!!! Thankfully, mostly everyone came in the morning and managed to get out of the heat before it all became a little too much.  Those brave souls who came in the heat experienced a little shelter from the heat and sunshine in the “Garage Gallery”, with air conditioning being blown into the room by the fan, firmly placed in the doorway!

Louisa Thurecht was the lucky winner for the $50 gift voucher towards existing stock or a commission piece, excitedly choosing a F-Pod brooch to match the earrings she had purchased.

Alex found that the garage worked exceptionally well for the sale and suggested that we should tile the floor and repaint the walls in time for the next event, early in the year! A decision that will allow Garage Gallery to look a little better than just a Garage, but also allows him to look out upon the garden to which we have put in so much work!

The next Studio Sale will occur in May of 2010, but there will be other, smaller, events held in this space earlier in the year, to which you will all receive an invitation.


Once again, thank you to all who attended the opening of the Garage Gallery – Dan Cox Studio Sale, and I look forward to seeing you all in the near future!


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Studio Sale

So it is finally up and happening. I have been working really hard to get all of the stock organized for this studio sale. I have to admit that I am a little nervous about the turnout, but you get that! I am worried that there will not be enough and that I will not get done all that I need to. I have a plan but some things end up taking a little longer than what you have planned and therefore you end up having to refocus and finish what you have started…. Today is finishing the cufflinks, tomorrow – working on the enamel and resin, the following day……..

Well you get the idea!

I am really looking forward to the event though and will probably not get much sleep on Friday night after having set everything up!

Still figuring that one out too!! How to make a garage look like a gallery!


We shall see….More photos to post of the actual event soon!!!

Wish me luck!

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Stepping up

So although I have 15 neck pieces, 8 pairs of earrings, pendants, brooches, rings under construction and things on the go, I am still in a bit of a panic to get all things done in time for the studio sale. With only two weeks to go I am in a bit of a panic!

In reality, I know that I should not be that worried as I now have most of the commissions done and out of the way to prepare just for the studio sale but this week will also see me doing Rick’s courier run and go in to working 3 days for Barbara – which I am really looking forward to! But there is always an element of panic associated with everything I suppose!

I am really happy with the results of the pieces that have been done thus far and I am looking forward to having these on display for everyone to see at least.

I would like to make a number of sales on the day but I am also hoping for commission work to come from it if at all possible. Anything that does not sell will be able to be used as there are so many demands for stock going around.

New castings for more earrings and features should be turing up today and I have to finish constructing most of the rings this week also.

Many late nights are foreseen at the bench this week and over the weekend.

I am afraid that Alex will become a little bit of a jewellery widow….. I think somehow he may be used to that though.

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Strong Sales

It looks as thought the financial crisis may be over for some people with 4 pieces selling again with Retrospect Galleries at Byron this month and another piece selling at Museum of Brisbane this month also.

Not only that but pieces are up for sale at (m)art this month in Cherish and I will be having the studio sale at the end of the month which I am working towards as we speak!

Plenty of stock to be made with the sales in the retailers happening and the studio sale to get ready for so I should really be getting off this computer and making it all happen!!

More updates soon!!

Maybe even a sneak peak at the pieces I am making for the studio sale….

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Woodford Folk Festival Mock-up

IMG_8550So here is a bit of a happy snap of what people will be making for the Woodford Workshop. I had to do up a bit of a mock-up for the organizers to see what I will be doing in the workshop and send it off to them the other week. It took me an hour to construct the whole thing from start to finish so I think it will take up the full 3 hours for participants to construct. Especially since I am doing up the jump rings and the discs will be pre-cut, so all they will have to do it stamp it and put it all together!

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Walker Commission Take 2

So I went in and dropped off the Walker commission bracelet for the stones to be set in.

Due to the fact that there was not enough metal provided for the making if the bracelet, it was too thin and flexible to have the stones set into the piece, so I took the piece back to place 18ct YG tubing or Chenier in the existing holes for the stones to be set into.

This has worked really well. Not only does the bracelet have a contemporary edge to it but it also is a lot stronger and a little heavier. This has worked really well for the stones to be set. Paul from PJ Rutt is very happy with the work that I have done and said that he will able to work with what I have given him.

Unfortunately, this was meant to be a rub-over setting, and even though this is now becoming a tube setting, Paul advises that he will bring the tops of the tubes down as far as he can to then have as little of the tube standing proud as possible, but as the stones in the centre of the bracelet are so large, putting the tubes in was the only option. Well, there was the remake option too, but that really was not an option given the amount of time that this has taken thus far and the other work I have on…

I can’t wait to get it back!!

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