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Sale Success

The three days of the Museum of Brisbane Studio Sale were a success. What a way to send out the studio and celebrate the time together than to have a sale and offer clients the chance to pick up something just in time for Christmas.

Everyone had something to offer and everyone sold pieces! There were some big sales out of the studio. Joan Teo managed to sell one of her bracelets that she thought she may never sell – but there you go! I also managed to sell my beautiful Lemon Quartz F-Pod earrings with the Chrysophase bead! They were bought by one of the Museum of Brisbane staff who just fell in love with them, so it seemed that she was just meant to have them.!

I am happy that they are going to a good home and to someone who will appreciate all the work that has gone into them. They looked really good on her too!!

So there is still a little bit of stock left that will be making its way to Woodford and (m)art in the next couple of weeks. I have also thought of contacting GOMA to see if they will stock me also as MOB is closing and so is KILN. KILN has not really been that great a seller for me and there is only a little bit of stock that will be coming back from there, but none the less, I will need to fill the hole from a retail perspective and I think that GOMA is the place!!

So my focus now is on Woodford and getting all the materials ready for that and having all the tools ready too. The next two days will be spent getting this altogether and making sure it all happens in time. A little nervous but I am sure it will all be fine. I just can’t believe how quickly it has all come around!!

Christmas seems to creep up on us and then pounce!!!


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Corkill Commission

This piece represents the birth of a child.

The carved piece is Howlite which has been used as the mechanism for the opening of the chain. It fits inside the locket which locks with the use of a figure 8 clasp to hold the chain together.

This piece will be handed to the client at the end of this week but images of the work have been emailed to them.

I have used Sterling Silver, Fresh Water Pearls and the Howlite.

A big thank you to Chantelle from Go Goanna for supplying the carving!! It works so well!!

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