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F-Pod Ring

Just before Christmas I managed to finish this ring for a client. Using her existing engagement ring and including some of my own pieces. One larger diamond has been sent in the centre of the ring with two smaller pieces being places in the leaves either side.

I have been wanting to make a piece like this since I first started making the F-pods and this was the perfect opportunity in making the first of various forms of this ring. I am now in the process of setting up a few silver versions of this ring to put into the retailers. But instead of just using diamonds, I am looking at using other stone just in the centre and setting them in a rub-over and claw settings.

I am happy with the result of this ring and can now move on to making variations that will reach certain price points this clients.


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Happy New Year and Woodford Folk Festival 2009/2010

Well Happy New Year to all!!

Just before new years I taught 4 workshops at the Woodford Folk Festival. A very interesting experience. I have never been to a music festival before and never to Woodford, so I had no idea what to expect and how things would run. Would people like the short courses I was running and be interested in getting something metallic out of it in the end? Well it turns out that yes, they would, with the courses selling out before the end of the first session!!

The idea of the courses were to make pieces that would become offerings at alters or as mementos of the time at Woodford. These could be wearable pieces or small objects. I do not like restricting the imagination of my students and encourage them to explore whatever they feel like doing. Even in my courses run through the BIA, I always say to my students that you don’t need to make jewellery. If you feel that after learning the basics you want to explore more sculptural aspects then by all means, you can!

So, having said that, the Woodford workshops created lots of varied pieces such as chains, headpieces, anklets, wrist-bands and dog tags. It was great that participants also wanted to include natural materials such as leaves and sticks.  Some really good results!

Typically, it rained throughout the time I was up there and I eventually left on the Thursday afternoon after trying to get out of the place for the previous 2 hours! I became bogged in all the mud and could not get out until towed out by the RACQ!! Good on ya boys!! Ironic that I could no longer stand the mud, only to be trapped by it when I tried to leave!

While I was there however, and was no longer teaching classes, I managed to enjoy the scenery and music, wondering from tent to tent to see the entertainment.

My first show to catch was the John Butler Trio. Amazing!! That man has so much talent it is astounding and the three musicians together have such great synergy that you are totally enthralled with their playing you forget where you are! I was mesmerized! I had also managed to catch Angie Hart on my way back to my camp ground at one stage and again after wondering around the place.

The good thing I realized about Woodford is that there is always something on offer and even in the amount of time that you spend there in the 5 days I was there, I still did not see all that I wanted to. Plus the acts that you end up seeing make it well and truly worth the effort to go, and the expense if you are paying for it.

In time I was there I saw John Butler, Angie Hart, Toni Childs, James Blundell, the BordererS, and many wore acts! Great!

All in all it was a really good experience to go to Woodford. Everyone enjoyed the classes and got something out of them, even if it was their first time in doing any metal work before!

I am thankful for the opportunity to go and enjoyed myself immensely. Highly Recommended to anyone who would be thinking about going next year!

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