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Brisbane News

On Wednesday morning I had an intrview with Brisbane News for an article that will be coming out on the 7th of April. Jewellers, both emerging and established were interviewed regarding the growing trend in jewellery making.
I explained that there seems to be an increase on people doing it since the global financial crisis and maybe people were looking for something to do that they have always wanted to do but have never had access to.
The interview went well and hopefully will be a great advantage to me in advertising what I do. It is a reputable magazine so fingers crossed that it all helps with business.


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Meeting one

So my first meeting today with Tess today went really well. We have made a break through in designing her wedding ring, a design that we both are pleased with and something that is exciting and unique!
I have the ring size so now will start working out the quote to pass on as soon as possible. The wedding is not until June but the earlier the better!

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Communication through mobile

This is a first for me. I have downloaded the application for wordpress to my mobile, this now means apparently that there is now no getting me off this blog!!
If this works out, it will also mean that this blog will get more use and become regularly updated.
I will have to figure out though how to include photos with these blogs via the mobile, even if the resolution is not going to be the best! But it may help me pass the time when I wait for class to start or have a lull in my day. For those of you who know me, you may be laughing now!

So, I sent in my Fossil watch to get repaired about 2 months ago. When I went in on the weekend they said that they will email the service department to find out why it is taking so long. They Also said that I could exchange the watch for another if I wished.
After finding out today that the repair could take another two months, the choice was obvious, a new watch!
And this is it. My experiment in watch photography is not the greatest, but what do you expect from a mobile phone!
I do love the watch though!!

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Autism Queensland Fundraiser Necklace

This piece will be one of the prizes on offer at an Autism Queensland Fundraiser happening this Wednesday. I was asked by the organizer of the fundraiser, Caleena Williams if I would be interested in supplying a piece that would become apart of their prize pool, and this is what I came up with! This was originally one of the pieces that I had in the studio sale in November of 2009. I decided that I would rethread the piece on white silk thread, texture the inner surface of the petals and bring up the fine silver to highlight the white in the petals.

Calleena was very happy with the results when the piece was dropped off to her yesterday, and I wish her all the best with the fundraising on Wednesday:


WHEN: Tuesday 23rd March and Wednesday 24th March
TIME: 11am – 2.30pm
WHERE: Food and Soul Grimes St, Auchenflower
Cost: $45.00 per head which includes a glass of champagne and canapes on arrival, main course , desert and coffee or tea.
TO BOOK: Call Terry at Food and Soul PH: 3870 7128

GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE PRIZE : 1 nights accommodation in a superior room plus buffet breakfast at Palazzo Versace Resort on the Gold Coast. $ 4.00 per ticket or 3 for $10.00.

Lucky door prizes and raffle prizes for patrons on the day !

This is a great opportunity to organize a table with some friends to catch up !

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Bradley piece complete

A student of mine was making this last year in one of my 9 week courses at the Brisbane Institute of Art. Unfortunately a few things went wrong with the piece. The bezel was too small to fold over the table of the stone and flimsy, therefore every time she tried to set the stones it would not work. The material is 18kt gold which as you can imagine costs a fortune!! She wanted to finish it but ended up running out of time and with rushing the job the bezels ended up being a little distorted and not fitting correctly. Rather than reworking the whole lot I worked with what I had, which in itself has been a little bit of a nightmare, but I enjoy a challenge. I first started putting two beads on the bottom of the frame for the stones to act as a seat that would help stop them from rocking. I then went to place claws on the edges of the frame, but down the lengths – not the edges.

This did not really work and in removing the claws I ended up snapping them. So I decided that I would make new ones and place them in the corners. Once I had figured all this out the job did not take that long. It was all the drama before hand and figuring out how to solve it all that took the longest. But everything is a learning curve and this piece certainly was.

A thicker bezel and support beams that would be removed later would have been the way to go to create this setting. As well as being accurate with the measurements, but I like the look that this piece has now. It is almost ancient Egypt or Italian in it’s design and a little rough around the edges. Classical in style.

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I have been working pretty hard in getting new pieces ready for the up coming studio sale in May.

As well as new pieces I am also trying to get a few new components ready and will be working on a new range of rings. This is coming together at a rapid rate which is good but there is still a lot of work to be done. There is a sense of time running out which is keeping me at the bench. But this is in no ways a bad thing!

Every week for the past couple of weeks I have been sending things off to get cast and making new molds with the results of the castings! Almost time to buy new molding rubber!! This will make the process a lot easier and I am hoping that the new designs sell well. They will be moving me into a new direction and closer to a higher end product, but are all components that can be ‘dumbed down’ and made more affordable, but still look great! Very happy with the progress!

The new bench is proving to be success and slides nicely on it’s new wheels! I have had a number of enquiries as to classes and am hoping that this increases.

I am also looking at advertising and what the best options for me will be. I want something that is going to be successful and the right choice as it is a lot of money to spend, but it could all be worth it really. There are so money choices to make. Online, pamphlets, Yellow pages, Google adds, Facebook. What to do!

I have also been thinking about getting a new web site designed and seeing what I can do from there. Making it more interesting and diverse. In other words, I need a marketing guru!

All in all it is picking up for me which is great and I hope to show off some of the new creations soon. Although the big reveal will be at the Studio Sale launch which will hopefully be on the 25th of May – or there abouts!

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New Bench Complete

Yes, finally the new bench is complete and ready for action. We had to change the wheels on the bench to more industrial fittings so that it could cope with the weight that was going on top when wheeled around. The last lot were just not coping!

My first student has started also and I am looking forward to another starting fairly shortly!
Not to mention running weekend workshops and I am also looking at advertising to boost interest!

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