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EOFYSS – End Of Financial Year Studio Sale


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Process Photo

Here we have a progress shot of one of the 9 rings I set stones into last week.

45 settings in total and only 2 came out. 1 I did not set deep enough and the other I polished off the side of the setting…oops! Polished too hard! But you get that and I am not concerned as there is plenty of material to use to get it all back together again!

So these pieces will be the new generation of Christmas rings, both white and black.

9ct YG, Setrling Silver, Pink Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Lab created Diamonds, and Peridot – white or black cold enamel.

I have started the enamel on 5 of the rings thus far and will continue the process with further update photos as I go along.

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Get Set,

So I met with a graphic designer by the name of Zoe yesterday afternoon to discuss what I need done in preparation for the First Instyle trade show. In my discussions with my design director I was all keen to go for a catalogue and really wow the retail market, but then I came back to reality and thought that if I am going to do that and spend all that money then I would really like to know that it is going to be worth it for my first trade show.

So then I decided that maybe this was all too much! Too much money, too much time spent away from the bench – making the product that this is all about, and too much pressure for the short amount of time that I have to make it all happen.

I put it all out there to Zoe who said “Well, no one is dying so the first thing we need to do is calm down!” I thought – I like this chick! Good sense of humor and loves telling it like it is!

Sitting down we discussed what the options were and what we could do. I want something that will have a universal aesthetic throughout the publications I do and keep that running theme throughout. Pretty much creating a brand but not spending the huge amount of money to do this. The brand can come later when I have achieved world domination! he he !

I think the solution that we have come up with is really great and although it may seem really simple, I think the format is a smart way to go to get the message out there and spread the word! There is genius in the simplicity!

I also spoke to Red Eclipse Photography about the photo shoot using a model and we have decided on some images that they can take which will save some money but also allow there to be that human interaction with the pieces, which I think will work really well with the format we are going with for the promotional material.

It would seem that it is all coming together and I can feel happy that it is under control, which means I can get back to the bench and create the work that I need to!!!

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Martin Commission

This piece was created for a very good friend of both Alex and I. She came in and saw another piece I was working on when I had my residency at Kiln Gallery. The concept of what I was doing was what she really liked but wanted me to explore it and enlarge it for her. After a brief chat and working out what stones she would like to go with off I went and this is the result! I called it Satellite City to represent the sprawling arms of the city taking over. The stones represent the heart of each new area.

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Story Bridge Pendant

This piece was originally made for the exhibition “Metropolis” held at Kiln Gallery in Paddington approximately 2 years ago! The whole show was based on the city and peoples interaction with the city. Since making this piece I have made a few more for clients specifically requesting one. I have been able to explore my layers yet again and my favourite technique – rivets!


Pod Brooch

Although this is not a part of my retail range, I have placed this item in Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay. This is the second of it’s type in existence at the moment as they are time consuming to make and the process is lengthy, but it is rewarding and somewhat satisfying.  I was looking for something that would work as a brooch and would also house a large stone, but was not traditional in a stone setting sense. It has to be different. I had been given a large stone to set  and this is the same concept I had used on the original piece for Mrs Pearce. I have also made two smaller versions of this for my entry into the Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables last year, one as a pendant and the other as a brooch.

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On Your Marks!!!

Well I am off and racing with a graphic designer booked in to start the process of getting a quote together for the grant application. I am also waiting for the printer to quote once I have that all together and will put in my application asap so I can go through the process of finding out further what else needs to be done.

This is more taxing than I thought. So many things to organize and sort out but hey, I’m getting there.

As long as everything gets done in time I will be happy.

There is also transport, displays, pro-forma to sort out and lots of other things but it is all very exciting.

On lighter news I am going down to see Carolyn Veronica Watson’s new exhibition tomorrow night on the coast. Looking forward to the new work she has been creating and although I have fallen in love with a few of the pieces already, I know that she would have sold them as she always tends to sell the work before the show opens – she is becoming so damn collectable it’s not funny!

But I have a little something for her to wear while she is in the spotlight and something that fits right in with what she does! I hope she likes it. Actually, I know she will. A personal piece of jewellery than no one will ever have and something that fits in with her theme – you could not ask for more!!!

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