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JAA Competition

Here is a sneak preview of my Jewellery Association of Australia competition piece.


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Tom & Tess 2010

I recently completed a commission for some friends of Alex and mine that are soon to be married. I met with them a number of months ago and discussed the options. As this is neither persons first marriage they wanted something that was not going to be too expensive and something that was going to be simple, yet elegant. Tom’s ring was rather straight forward with a polished band with the words “TOM & TESS 2010” stamped onto the band in 1mm and 2mm letters. Tess’s ring however was a little more involved.

My initial discussion with Tess was leaning towards an eternity ring. This was not really inspiring me and a couple of weeks later I had a chat with Tess and spoke to her about what I was thinking.  Still Keeping the eternity idea, I proposed that I would scatter the stones around the band like an explosion of stones concentrating from the top of the ring and dissipating around the ring. She seemed very excited about the concept.

As with all my clients I like to show them the steps it takes and met with Tom and Tess when I had the waxes as well as when i got the waxes back to ensure that the rings fit. The look on the clients face when they see the wax is one of perplexed uncertainty. Understandably so, but but when you get the waxes back and they have a metal form to look at and feel then everyone becomes a little more excited and Tom and Tess were no exception to the rule.

One I had completed the rings I rang Tess excited at the results, knowing that they would love them and feeling that i had hit the nail on the head!!!

It seemed that I was pretty correct in this conclusion as Tess and Tom both did not want to put their rings back in the box after trying them on. No wearing them until the wedding day folks, but I am sure they will try them on every now and then…..Probably more now than then!

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Carra Commission

So approximately 3 months ago I was called by the partner of a previous client of mine, for which I had made a brooch out of forks and a spoon. The brief for the brooch was a large octopus!

This call was regarding to possibility of making an engagement ring along the same theme. Nicholas and I worked well together to come up with a design that would suit the theme but not be too contrived, and would suit Nicola’s personality – bright and bubbly! There was a lot of consultation with Nicholas on the design as well as the stones that would be going into the piece and I managed to source some beautiful gems from my supplier in Sydney! ┬áSo here is the result! The long awaited Carra Commission:

So I was pretty happy with the results of this piece and I am glad that Nicola said yes!! That’s always a bonus, although I think we could have banked on the answer anyhow!

Congratulations guys and I will see you soon!

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New showroom for Studio Sale

Here are the before photos of our spare room. I have been wanting to update the room to have it as a showroom where I can put items on display and meet with clients.

And now for the transformation into the showroom/ spare bedroom for when guests come and stay!

So as you can tell, things are getting organized for the sale. It will be nice to have a lovely warm room to put the sale on in and make it as comfortable for people as possible.

It should be a good afternoon/evening and there is plenty to buy!

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