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Mining the community’s jewellery box – ABC Brisbane – Australian Broadcasting Corporation


via Mining the community’s jewellery box – ABC Brisbane – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

This is a project that I have been involved with for the past week and it has been a real eye opener!

I have decided that we need to make a few changes in the Brisbane Institute of Art facility not only for better work practices but to also make the studio more economically viable.


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Gearing Up!

Here I am. At the tail end of getting everything organized for First Instyle and everything is in production. The proofs for the promotional items, new business cards and tags are going to be ready this afternoon. The format for the catalogue and all the pricing has been done and is off at the graphic designers getting put into a PDF format as we speak! All the pieces for the show are made and ready to go. All I need to do is ensure that I have everything ready for the display of the goods so they are showcased in the best possible way. Emails are pouring in all the time from the organizers giving us more and more information as to what will be happening when we get there, where we need to be and what we need to be doing. Se up will be from 6pm – 10pm on the Monday night and the ball rolls on from there for the next four days.

Speaking with Eleisha Nylund who has been to the Sydney show, was a great relief. She has been there and done that and the information she gave me was great! It’s funny, we all seem to struggle the same no matter how long we have been doing things and how many successful moments we have, it still takes a while to make it. My idea of making it is being able to do my work and make a living out of that. Anything else that comes along is always going to be icing on the cake. But, we all seem to have the same struggles and are always trying to make it all happen.

I feel happy with what I have been able to make happen thus far though. Getting a catalogue, business cards, tags, all the pieces ready and flights and accommodation, I think I have done quite well really! I now have to see if it is enough for the retail market. If they like my pricing and accept my terms and conditions….We shall see!

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Jane Bowring

A good friend of mine and fellow jeweller, Jane Bowring, is having an exhibition at ARI ATHANS studio opening  Thursday the 22nd of July:

Dear friends

Please come to the opening of my show next thursday night 22nd July @ Ari Jewellery.
I would love to catch up with you all – have been chained to my studio lately!


PHONE +61 7 3358 6388

Jane is a very talented jeweller and this will be a show to see!

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GoGoanna Event

GoGoanna will be having an event this week to introduce new staff and stock to potential buyers.

If you are at all interested in having a look and making new connections with a new supplier then this is your event!

They supply beads and gems, as well as findings that will help with most of your beading requirements!

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Tonight I saw a movie that has offered me great inspiration. Amelia Earhart was an amazing woman who inspired so many and continues to do so. Hillary Swank plays a role like no other and convincingly portrays a strong and charismatic personality who was far ahead of her time, yet perfectly placed in the time she lived.

Seeing this movie and learning about her has reinvigorated something that I feel that I have sort of lost. Maybe it’s not something that I have lost but more so something that I have gained, like the oxidization on a metallic surface. If I had lost something then I could liken it to the scratching off of a plated surface with wear and that sort of analogy could indicate that what I truly am was not precious to start with but something far less valued than first believed, and no one wants to feel the reality of such a conclusion. No, even precious surfaces can oxidize so I think that I may stick with this one. I would rather reveal the diamond in the rough than the copper under the plating!

I have been working for so long in getting every aspect of my life “in order” so to speak. I have had success in doing so thus far and although the journey in getting to the top of the mountain is hard, I still have the drive to get there. From time to time however, I question the value of what I am trying to achieve. Is this what I really want? Am I going about getting there the right way for me? Will it all happen and will I be prepared for it when it does? And, the dreaded question – Am I already there? I  certainly hope not!

The preparation for the trade show, studio sale, and stock in the last couple of months has been all consuming. A constant pressure to complete multiple tasks at hand and hoping that it will work out. The studio sale went well but I always seem to want more. In talking to peers I feel a little distance and somewhat a lack of involvement in what’s happening and I am unsure if that is because of my own doing or the opinions of others. The larger part of me thinks that it really doesn’t matter what others are thinking of me, yet I do like to correct their incorrect conclusions.

These things that weigh on my mind have distracted me from my craft. Yes, I get to sit down at my bench nearly every day and make pieces in which I hold a lot of pride, but I feel that it has been a while since I have truly sat down to create. New ground needs to be broken, with new energy and vigor. Amelia was  woman who went against the odds when people told her that no one has ever done that before, she went ahead and did it because she wanted to, not caring for what people thought of her and what she did. I would like to take a page out of her book.  I do what I want now, but this movie has empowered me to look at what I am doing and where I am heading and to stay true to myself, and create new work that inspires me.

This is the key. Inspiration is contagious. I have just been doing the same thing for too long that the inspiration has been failing me. Round and round in a spiral, but now it is so clear that I need a new direction to work in and to build upon what I have done thus far. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I don’t want to be doing the same thing everyone else is doing either. This is a trap that you can fall into with commercializing your work. It’s not that I have lost my ethics, I have just lost sight of the creativity. Looking at everything from a purely commercial point of view and that is not who I am or who I want to be entirely. I think that can be misleading. I love making what I have thus far in my range, but I also want to create work that is beautiful, functional and creative. Something that I have shelved for far too long.

Amelia Earhart was a pioneer. Happiest when she was in the air.

I am an artist. Happiest when I am creating.

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Promotional Photography for First Instyle

Promotional photography by Red Eclipse Photography

So at the beginning of the week I had a session with photographers and a model for promotional photos for Melbourne and anything else that comes my way.
The session turned out really well and I can’t wait to see them printed. I have sent all the photos through to the graphic designer for everything to be sent to the printers! Now the next step in the process is to get the catalogue sorted and sent off to the graphic designer to then burn the whole thing onto discs.
The ball is certainly rolling in regards to everything promotional!!!

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A beautiful old brooch was handed to me today for a repair to be done and to have one of the sapphires replaced from where one had fallen out.

A delicate 9ct yellow gold brooch with a raised centre section with 3 white stones and 3 blue sapphires set in a central raised platform. This piece use to belong to one of my stepmothers relatives, and is simply elegant.

After having a close look at it with the loop I realized that the stones that were in it didn’t look like they were being held in by much and that as soon as I was to put it into the ultrasonic they would fall out. Initially I thought that they may have been glued back into place or they were stuck there just by the dirt and the grime that jewellery attracts over the years! I placed the brooch into a small plastic container that I have made up to hold delicate pieces and placed it in the ultrasonic.

When I pulled out the piece and had a look, there was only one of the 5 stones still in it’s setting! Something that I was not expecting but something that I can deal with!

The ultrasonic has to be one of the true testers and I have always found it to be a fail safe when it comes to settings.

I have checked briefly on the internet to see where this piece would have come from and around what year it would have been made. It has the maker’s mark of H.C & Co. on the back but there is nothing on the internet to indicate who they were.

There are company’s who are similar in name that were in England and being the work that it is it would not surprise me that this is where it would come from. It would be good to know a date however.

This is a lovely little piece which calls for delicate repair. I am looking forward to the repair work and will show you in the coming weeks the results.

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