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Cherish 2010

I have just received confirmation from Aritsan that I have been accepted for this years sale event Cherish happening later this year.

My application was in late, being side tracked with Melbourne and all. Luckily Artisan decided to extend their deadline. Very fortunate for me!!

Pieces that will be going into the sales focus are all from my new range of work and will be ready to go whenever Artisan require them. This is not until the 15th of October but the pieces are made and ready to go now which has been the advantage of being prepared for the trade show, which has meant having pieces on hand for me to be able to continue to focus on the new stock and designing some thing different from the rest!

I will update you all closer to the date with the invitation for the opening.


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It is official folks!

My website “” is no longer in operation. I decided to shut down the website a little while ago and as of last week it has been shut down.

My decision came out of practicality really. There was not a lot of traffic coming through from the site and I was unable to track precisely what was happening on there either, unlike this blog where I can tell how many people have been looking here and what they have been searching for! Much handier!

Financially I will be better off too, as I will not have a monthly amount deducted from my account for a website that has not been doing a great deal in the past couple of years.

Plus, with having you all follow me on this blog, you get to see what is happening on a more current and up-to-date format and leave comments, if you wish, on anything I post.

So thank you for all of those people who have followed the transition from website to blog and don’t forget to check for regular updates. You can subscribe to the blog also, so you don’t miss anything!

Speak soon!!


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Trade fair follies

Sitting at a trade fair gives you the opportunity to meet and see some very interesting characters. Not only are you putting yourself on display but you are also being scrutinized by people who may not know anything about what you’re selling, have no qualifications in the field, but just look at the bottom
dollar. They like the aesthetic but are afraid to commit. You’re a liability in a way and no matter how much you talk the talk or walk the walk they still don’t want to commit.
Try as you might to compete with the cheap imports of the world, when people are looking at the bottom
dollar, they don’t mind going for the nasty.

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Star Button Drops

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Quad Rod Drops

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Khmer Drops Large

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Small Khmer Drops

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