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More research

I have been doing a little more research into my new found interest and have been coming across a lot of Egyptian art that incorporates birds. Not that this comes as a surprise to me at all but the styles of art and the application of the imagery is the thing that amazes me.

This is giving me so many ideas ….


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Haitian Metal Art Bird Designs

Haitian Metal Art Bird Designs.


Metal wall art


I have been doing a little bit of research for a series of work that I am interested in doing using some new techniques. In my research thus far I have come across some rather inspiring pieces, as well as a lot of non-inspiring downright awful images of artwork. They will not be shown here of course!

I found this piece to be of great interest as it is along the theme of the work I am hoping to be doing with the new techniques I will be learning.

Although is have a commercial aspect and it is designed for that purpose, the principle is the same. This piece may very well be machine pressed, I on the other hand will be using traditional techniques that will require hand tools for the forming and cutting process.

I am finding some interesting stuff I must say, and I have only just begun!!


Eat Prey Love and other stuff

Yesterday afternoon saw Alex and I sitting in the Dendy Theatre in Portside with a glass of wine watching Eat Prey Love, along with a cinema full of women! Chick flick much!!!

A rather entertaining movie really that I thought would be interesting to see but did not realize how much it would resonate with me.

The beginning of this year saw me learning a lot more about myself than I thought I needed to know, but I am glad that I do. Being diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder was a shock and a revelation all at the same time. This is why I don’t feel anything anymore and why my head is so full of all the superfluous stuff and not the things that are important, or that should be important. A bit of a shock for someone who has always thought they have had their shit together, or was at least well and truly on their way to having it.

After the shock of the reality of my situation, I set out to rectify it by seeking the help that I needed and am happy to say that I am no longer in need of it. That does not mean that I do not struggle with the life balance that it seems we all suffer from.

I sat in this cinema and was looking at a situation I was in. I felt the same in many ways as this character. Living a life that you don’t feel. Yes you have a partner, friends and family that you see all the time and you work hard to make everything fit in and make it all happen, only to find out that this in itself is the thing that stresses you out – trying to find the balance!!!

There is always a need in me to find the time where I do absolutely nothing, go nowhere and see no one. Sometimes this feeling happens to take me over completely and I, like I am sure most of us would at times, would love to just leave it all behind for a moment to take a break, regroup and recover from our crazy lives!!! Not worry about where the next lot of income is coming from and not worry about the mundane activities of grocery shopping!!! That is if you look at it as an obstacle and don’t put the enjoyment into everything you have to do.

My favourite part of this movie was the way the Italian’s love their food – I love my food. I relish in creating something delicious and love nothing than sitting down after creating something beautiful and enjoying every morsel of it!I love nothing better than having friends around to eat things that we have made together or I have made for them and really enjoying each others company. For the last 5 years Alex and I have been having dinner with our good friends David and Angus every Wednesday. This is our “hump”day – the middle of the week where we can meet with each other and discuss either the crap from the week that has passed or just talk shit and enjoy each others company! This is something that we all feel is an essential part of our week and we all feel lost without it!

One thing I did realize though is my lack of harmony or faith as some may call it. I feel connected more then ever to something but I would never call that god, because I cannot believe that one entity can create everything. The line where the main character says that god is not looking over everyone and everything but “god” is within yourself, made it clear to me. A sense of yourself and your surroundings and an understanding of your place within the world. I have always felt strongly about nature, the creatures in it and what my impact on the environment I am in can be. My “religion” has always been about respecting the earth and my fascination with the way the world have evolved to it’s current state. Nature is my “god”. ¬†That’s probably why I am such a documentary freak!! But sometimes I lose my focus and think, but what am I doing and where so I fit in. If there is ever a therapy for this then it is my garden. To sit in this space and look at how the world works, the interrelations of plant and animal and insect and how I have been able to cultivate it and help it along it’s way gives my pride. Something may not be working out in life and all I have to do is sit in the garden to see that whatever I have trouble with is nothing compared to the creation that is happening in front of my eyes and what I am helping with. There is something bigger happening here, and I am just a small part of it.

Love is important to me but it is easy to get caught up in the motions without taking the moment to really take stock of what we have and who we have in our lives. We all get so busy with what we have to do, where we have to be and frankly, there is nothing that gives me the shits more these days then having to do something. I want to be able to do something because I want to do it. I want to spend more time with family as they are the most important people in my life. My partner and I, like the rest of you, get caught up in the everyday tasks that need to be done and when they don’t get done a small chaos happens. We end up out of tune with each other and you can feel it. I hate it. There is nothing worse and sometimes the only way to fix it is to find a place where you can go to regroup and come back refreshed and relaxed. When chaos occurs you wonder if you are on the same page and what is happening. Time out is a good thing and the balance to get this is more important to me than ever before. This man has been in my life for the last six years!! WOW!!! I am one of the lucky ones and I take stock of that everyday, although I may not show it.

My family is bigger than it has ever been before these days. My dad is remarried and I now have a brother who is married. My mother is remarried and her husband has two children to which my brother is getting married. I have two sisters to which one of them has a son – my nephew who is very much loved and cherished. I also have another set of parents and a sister who has two children and although they belong to my partner they are very much involved in our lives and are apart of my family unit. It can be difficult to juggle all the family commitments, and sometimes the balance tips one way or the other but they are always present.

But there are other people in my life who I consider to be my family. Paul, Martin and Yvette have been a part of my life for so long. Since my early 20’s and they have all shown me guidance and love just like the rest of my family. David and Angus to whom I see more than any other family members due to our dinner commitments!! They open their hearts and home to us and show a generosity that is rare in this world. Nothing is too much trouble and they are happy to just have us there.

Balance of ones life is so important that the impact of life being out of balance can fundamentally screw you up. You can easily lose focus on what is important to you and it is a hard road to get back to where you really want to be, but when you are there, it is truly worth all the effort.

I don’t always get it right and I am always learning, but that is what life is all about. I would not have it any other way. I revel in it. After all, life is here for the taking – and I’m getting my fair share!

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First Instyle Sydney

I have decided that I will not be attending First Instyle Sydney at the beginning of next year. I want to concentrate on breaking the Melbourne market and therefore look at doing the Melbourne event in August of next year.
I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I believe it would be better to focus my interests on one market at a time. I really enjoyed the Melbourne event and look forward to going back possibly to a bigger stall, definitely with new products and ideas.
Learning a lot from this years event has helped with a different thought of how I want to approach next years even and how to reducemy costs. I do need the time to do this though and Sydney would be too close and too financially restraining for the to action these plans.
So Melbourne 2011- here I come!!!

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New components on their way!

My new shipment of Harmony Balls are to arrive shortly. I love the image that was sent through to me to show me my order completed. Just in time too with all these new ideas floating around in my head, I am eager to get them and rework some of them to add into new bangles and neck pieces.

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