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More Tempters!!!

I had an idea the other night of making some more rings so over the passed two days I have created these lovely cocktail rings. One I call Harmony Lotus and the other Crystal Lotus… You will know why!!

I just went for the largest crystal I could find for this ring and wanted to make an organic looking statement ring that was still glam! This crystal actually lends itself to this style of ring really well as it reflects the lotus design in the crystal itself!!

Let’s see if it sells!!



From the Bench….New Works for the Studio Sale!

As promised. Here are some images of the pieces that will be in this year’s studio sale. These are just a general overview and there re plenty more pieces that I just can’t show on here, otherwise I will be here forever!!


This piece is one of my new works. It consists of strands of stone beads in a single length with large brass and silver jump rings with harmony balls on each end of the single length. It is designed so you can wrap it around as many or as little times as you want. You can choose how you want to wear it! I think I may call them Gem Stringers!

For those of you who don’t have pierced ears!!! With another of the Gem Stringers behind!!

Some finished and some a work in progress but there will be stretch bangles and brass and silver combos with harmony balls and lotus flowers too!!!


Hope to see you there!!!

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th 10am – 4pm 112 Arthur Terrace Red Hill

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Ros McDonald Commission – Ring 2

The second installment in the Ros McDonald “range”. There are five blue Australian Sapphires and 20 1.5mm Diamonds set into a 9ct White Gold band. The Sapphires are the feature stones which are surrounded by Diamonds that dissipate around the band. A similar concept to that of Tess Pikes ring but the Diamonds are evenly spaced around the band rather than being like a star burst like Tess’s ring. The two smaller stones that sit on either side of the larger central ring have a lovely colour to them which I think brings light to the ring as a whole and a little more interest.


This piece was handed to Ros when she attended the Urban Mine Project. The room stopped when she saw it as she let out a rather loud sigh! Which of course sparked everyones curiosity at this lady with multi-coloured fingernails and jewellery to burn! She started to show off the new piece with much enthusiasm which is always nice to see. I am happy she likes it!!

What to do next? There are no fingers left to make rings for as she has a ring on every one!!!

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Spread the word people!! It’s going to be big!!! The invitations are going out thick and fast and I will placing images of the pieces that will be ready for the sale as they are completed, just so you can place your order with me and get in early!!  I hope to see you all there!

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Demonstration at the BIA

I thought it was only fair that I put up a photo of me demonstrating roller impressing to the Urban Mine participants. You know, show that I actually do work!! he he !!!

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Urban Mine Project Sales Night

Friday the 5th of November saw a busy sales night for the Urban Mine Project at the Brisbane Institute of Art. The previous weekend was a furry of creativity with 17 participants creating work for the sales night. Pieces created ranged from rings to pendants and bangles from all sorts of donated materials and jewellery.

Sales and admission came to a grand total of close to $1000 for new chairs and equipment for the Jewellery Studio at the institute, things that are desperately required for the expansion of the studio.

Already, the fundraising money has paid for the new air compressor to go along with the new bead blasting cabinet and will pay for the new drill press being purchased this week. New chairs will be organized also and the studio may even get a slap of paint on the walls once everything is in position! A nice shade of white I believe to help with the lack of light in the studio.

It is my plan to make the studio work as effectively as possible for all that use it and expand what we can offer in the courses. This will involve a lot more fundraising to which it is my hope that we will be able to include raffles and auctions in the following year that will allow for the extra tools.

In other words – watch this space!!


I would like to give a special thanks to Morgan from the Shafston Hotel for helping us organize the alcohol for the night and to all the participants for their hard work and dedication to creating a better work environment for them all.


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Urban Mine Project Weekend Workshop

This last weekend saw the Brisbane Institute of Art Jewellery studio become a flurry of activity and creativity, with 17 students and 3 tutors firing on all cylinders to create works for this Friday nights Urban Mine Project Sales night.

With a little apprehension at first, participants warmed up to the idea of using non-precious materials and alternate materials to create new pieces of wearable art!! By the afternoon of the first day, everyone was that engrossed in their work that they didn’t want to stop for lunch or a break, and in the afternoon- some didn’t even want to leave the studio!!!

Rebecca Ward gave participants a demonstration on cutting glass and drilling through ceramics and stone using diamond burrs to which the common response was “wow!”. Who would of thought that you would be able to do such a thing and get such a great result!

Renata Fojtikova gave students a demonstration on textile techniques using silver wire. Some of the students had done this workshop with Renata previously but the enthusiasm for the process has certainly rubbed off onto some of the other participants.

I demonstrated how to melt down your old metal into an ingot. A response from one of the participants was that it looked like a lot of hard work, but you get great results.

Yes – it is a lot of hard work!!

One thing that we have realized is that we need a new draw plate!!!

But now we have plenty of metal for future classes too…

The above photograph shows our “mine” of donated materials from the community. We highly appreciated everyone’s participation in this event which yielded fantastic results.

We are all so looking forward to seeing everyone for the sales night and seeing everyones reactions to what the participants have created!!

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