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Reflection Ring – A.Von Leixner Commission

My partner Alex commissioned a ring from me at the beginning of last month, to be ready in time for Christmas.

It had already been a couple of years since my first piece for him which resulted in a series of works called White Christmas and Black Christmas. These have been rather successful.

This time around, Alex wanted something that was inspired by Nicola’s Octopus Ring and the Octo Pendant which featured in the JAA Awards lift-out in the September edition of Marie Claire.

The brief from Alex was fairly particular and we negotiated somewhat on the design.

This was the result:

The ring consists of an Emerald, Ruby, Peridot, Tourmaline and 5 white Diamonds. He wanted this piece to be the best piece I have made thus far and it had to have the bling factor! He wanted the latest and greatest!!

It certainly sparkles and this has lead onto another series of pieces that will feature next year. Some with a silver and 9ct yellow gold combination and some with silver on silver. All will have diamonds set in the top half and will include earrings, pendants and rings!

The combination of the matte yellow gold and the polished white gold in this ring works really well. Having the stones set off-side from the holes that have been cut out of the top layers means that you need to look around the ring to see all the stones, rather than just having them presented to you.

I am very happy with the result and very happy that Alex continues to inspire me to create new works that push the boundaries!!!

Who needs to rest on the laurels anyway!!!



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Melanoma Scare!

I went to the doctors a number of weeks ago to have him check out a mole that I had on my arm that was really itchy. I hate when things like this happen and thought that it would be worth having a look at it and making sure all was ok.

His recommendation was to go to a dermatologist to make sure that all of the moles I have are ok.

Off I went and the one that I was concerned about was not an issue at all! A bit of dry skin that is irritating me – that’s all.

One on my back however ended up being a little bit of a concern and if he could, he would have removed it straight away.

So, I booked myself in for the removal to happen a couple of Tuesdays ago. Last Tuesday I went in for the pathology report, only to be told that I would need to have a larger margin removed as the mole was severely “Atypic” and deformed and there needed to be more to come out.

My next appointment was to be for the 14th of January – but this is two days before I fly out to Bali and I thought that this was not so cool as I would not be able to enjoy myself with going for a swim or do anything that I would like to do. My main concern was if the wound would get infected and what would I be able to do then if that happened.

Calling the doctor I was then informed that there were no appointments available before Christmas and that I could make one for early February. Great!

I then get a call back from the Doctor stating that I had an appointment for Friday of the same week as it was too urgent to wait till February and I would have to get it out now!


I had been told that if I got it done in the next couple of months that that would be fine, but it seems that it was not fine at all and it had to happen now!

Um – OKAY!

So off I went on Friday to have the larger margin cut out! PAINFUL!!

Not only did I spend the two hours in surgery but I also missed the last class of term for my students! DOH! I did make it to the end of semester show however – but only for an hour before going home to put ice on the back and take pain killers!

What a way to end the semester!

I am glad that this all transpired though. If I did not go to the doctors when I did then there is every chance that this mole could have turned into something far more serious that would have meant that I would have had a lot more removed or worse!

A timely warning to us all really. If you have not had your moles checked lately then I suggest you do it now!

A dermatologist may cost a small fortune to see but I strongly recommend them. They know what they are looking for and can generally removed it there and then, and if it is urgent enough, they can manage to fit you in!!

I am sore, but that will pass.

I am alive, and I plan on staying that way for a lot longer !!!!


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Flying Arts

On Friday I received in the post a letter stating that I was accepted by Flying Arts to be apart of their tutoring group for the 2011 season.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity but waiting for things such as my Blue card is a little frustrating. I am hoping that this does not create any drama with the contract work. I have had a blue card before but it expired at the beginning of February and I have not needed it again up until now. I will certainly have the approval in the new year so that is always a plus. Hopefully they will be happy with that……I can only hope!


This will mean that I will be traveling to rural Queensland to teach art programs to a range of people including adults and maybe even children – hence the blue card!! Really looking forward to this opportunity!

I am not abandoning my students at the Brisbane Institute of Art though – to their relief! It’s nice to be loved!

They can’t get rid of me that easily!! a-HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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Wrap up of Studio Sale

So the studio sale on the weekend was a great success!

Saturday was busy in the morning and settled down after mid afternoon. Sunday however was busy from the get go and did not stop until much later in the afternoon. I think I closed the door at 4:30pm!

There were a lot of new people coming through the door and one regular who turned up at 9 am Saturday morning to get her purchases in before any one else had the chance! I love an eager client!

The best sale of the day went to a lovely lady who fell in love with my Octo Pendant which featured in the September issue of Marie Claire. Katie was my first customer of the day on Sunday and was looking for something different and she got it. I was glad for the good vibes she gave me for the rest of the day which was, at times, a complete blur! There were sales that happened that I didn’t even know had happened thanks to my lovely assistant Elaine! She is always a great help!

Thank you to everyone who came to the sale and I look forward to seeing more of you all in the new year.

Launching next year will be in house demonstrations where you will be able to make a little cash by hosting a Dan Cox Jewellery Event. So far there are 3 part bookings in the early half of next year and we will be launching with a large get-together in late February of next year. This way I will be able to keep my prices down with no high commissions on sales, and you will all be able to make that little bit extra.


Thanks again!!!


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