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It’s all happening

It has been a busy morning in Dan Cox Jewellery camp this morning.


I have been organizing graphic templates for new designs to be made up in time for markets and trade fairs, getting advertising put on the car, organizing a venue for my launch in March and getting the waxes sorted for the displays for this launch.


I can see a lot of expenses coming up but it will all be worth it in the end, and they always say that you have to spend money to make money don’t they. I hate that!! : (

But like I said, it will all the worth it in the end.

It is rather satisfying to be organized though. I feel as though I will be able to approach this year with a calm, cool and collected frame of mind. I just hope that I hear back from everyone within a short time frame so I can get the ball rolling and get things done.

Very exciting!!



Wax Workshop – Part 2

The last weekend was the last session for the wax workshop where participants had their wax cast into silver and we prepared the seats for stone setting.

The average cost was around the $60 mark to have the rings cast with some being cheaper and some more expensive. Although there was a lot of clean-up in the wax stage, there was still filing and sanding to do before getting our teeth stuck into the polishing and stone setting.

Some people had a little more work to do than others as they had placed more stones than others but because the cleanup process was also easier to do when the ring was now metal as there was more rigidity in the piece and it could withstand a bit more of a beating. Sometimes the work that needs to be done can be seen clearer as metal than as wax!

This ring was completed by Kerry from the Sunday group. She had decided to go with fewer stones as this was the first time she had done such a ring and wanted to see what the results would be like before going full steam ahead and creating a rod for her back in putting too many stones in.

Tash on the other hand had decided to only go with the one stone but decided to also go with cut outs in a pattern that would not only bring more interest to the ring but it would lighten the load a little more for when the wax was cast into silver. She thinks that it is still bigger than what she would normally be use to but I think a little bit of a statement is always a good thing! You want to make sure that people notice what you have on, especially if you made it.

All in all the course went well. I now think that my students have a better understanding for the complexities of stone setting and have learned that nothing is straight-forward, or at least have been reminded of this fact!!

At the very least however, this would have been a great introduction to the world of wax casting and shown them that the possibilities of working in wax are endless.

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Contact Details

For further information on any of the products in the Dan Cox ranges,  to arrange a purchase or to organize a consultation for a commission, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Dan directly:


Phone: 0409 226 083

Post: Po Box 411,  Red Hill. Queensland. 4059


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Valentine’s Day !!!

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Wax Workshop – Part 1

This past weekend, 8 students participated in a wax workshop in my studio at Red Hill. I was showing them how to work the ring wax, what to look out for in regards to weight and design and also how to set stones into the wax in preparation for casting.

One ring took the whole day to carve and set stones into.

Everyone found it highly enjoyable and have this week to send off their waxes for casting, so that we will get them back in time for setting of the stones next weekend.

Here are some images of the students from Sunday preparing their waxes for casting:


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Semester preperations

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Both Renata and myself will be heading to the Brisbane Institute of Art to complete the work that needs to be done to the studio in preparation for the beginning of the semester next week!!

We now have the material for the bezel skins and I have already made one of these to see how it would work out. So far so good.

There may be a few more things that I will have to get from the hardware tomorrow before getting to the BIA, but they will be minor.

I also got paint for the bench tops to seal the MDF and make sure that if it does get wet that it will be protected. I think a high gloss is the best way to go for this and will also help with the reflection of light – which is always a little bit of a problem. Mind you, this week the problem has been the heat and the bugs!! Yuck!!!

Not much I can do about that though….. We need the windows open and the lights on!!

I am looking forward to getting this completed so that I can sit down and finish a couple of commission pieces as well as fine tune the course outlines in time for next weeks classes.

Introductory is pretty much sorted but I want to make adjustments to the Intermediate course and write-up the advanced outline.

Busy day on Monday!!!

There are also some personal projects that I need to attend to asap and will have to get the drawings done for these as soon as possible so that the quotes can be done up.

Lots happening and little time it seems. My holidays seem so far away and we just got back last weekend!! Might need to schedule another for the mid year!!


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Emerald Pendant

This was a pendant that I made a long time ago for a friend’s husband. He had the Emerald and wanted something made where the emerald would be exposed to the skin and was not too fussy. I don’t think I have ever put it up on the blog or on my old website!!

How remiss of me!!

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