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Events promotion – April

Here is your chance to receive a free gift when you book and host a DAN COX JEWELLERY EVENT at your house in April.

By holding an event in the month of April you will receive a pair of these beautiful White Freshwater Pearl Earrings valued at over $100 free!!!!

To enquire on available dates in April to book an event contact Dan:

0409 226 083 or email


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Art Bites – Ring Making Workshop

Saturday was the 3 hr ring making workshop for the Brisbane City Councils Art Bites program through Flying Arts.

I was prepared and got there with plenty of time to set up. I was of the understanding that there were to be 10 participants but it seemed that the city council decided to increase the number of available spots to 15. I didn’t quite have 15 people but at least I was prepared for it, even though it does slow down the class a little when you have so many!

Needless to say, we did go over time by about 15 minutes and I did not have a chance to show them how to finish the ring, although they all left with a pretty basic ring – just not cleaned up!

With a brief introduction to the workshop and what we would be doing we launched right into the ring making preparation.

Once the rings had been bent into shape, we then soldered them together.

Although it was a little rushed, everyone seemed to be pleased with the outcome of the workshop.

They all managed to get a ring and even though it is not 100% finished to the standards that I would have liked, it is together and functional.

Plus, they have my contact information so if they would like to organise a studio session they will have the opportunity to finish the ring to a higher standard!

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The number of views on the blog on the Launch day of the Jewellery Events Range!


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Houston, we have lift off!!!

Thursday night was the launch of Dan Cox Jewellery Events Range. As a part of this we also raffled off various prizes in an effort to raise money for Autism Queensland.

Many attended an dug deep to contribute to our cause!

Dowse Bar at Iceworks was the venue, and what a venue it is! Everything ran like clockwork and they even increased their prize on offer from a couple of bottles of wine to a case of wine!

These events always seem to become a little crazy for me as I end up talking to everyone and always try to be the perfect host! There are also a lot of questions to answer and this all seems to happen at the same time. It is always great though to have clients attend that I have not seen for a while and meet new people along the way.

The end results for the night were spot on to target!

The raffle raised $2150 while sales were healthy, with several events booked for the coming couple of  months. An excellent result for the launch and a lot of happy people as you can see:





From the discussions I have had with some of the interested clients who would like to host an event, we will be offering hosts of an event the opportunity to donate to a charity of their choice! Rather than taking the 10-20% of the event total off a piece or pieces of Dan Cox Jewellery, you can also donate that 10-20% to any charity you wish!

I for one am loving this idea! Not only are you getting the chance to have many people to donate to a cause that is close to your heart, but you are also creating awareness for this organisation. What better way to have a good time and meet up with friends, while contributing to a good cause!  You could even organise an event to fit in with a work function, getting everyone in the office involved to raise further funds!

If we can help out someone who is in need then I am all for it. There are too many people in this world who need help and this is just another way of providing a helping hand.

So if you have a charity that you would like to help, then contact me to organise an event and let’s make it happen!!

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Sneak Peak

Here is your chance to have a sneak peak at the Diamond and Black Onyx Necklace up for grabs at tomorrow nights launch at DOWSE BAR – ICEWORKS.


The necklace is made from recycled components as well as hand forged materials. ALong with Black Onyx and Diamonds there is Black Agate beads, 9, 14 and 18ct Yellow gold!

Each of the small diamonds are .15 ct and the larger is .17ct.

The design is inspired by a Khmer Gold book I bought when I was in Cambodia. The necklace is designed to sit a-symetrically and depending on who the lucky winner is, I can rethread to lengthen if necessary.

I purposely designed it to sit shorter so that the a-symetry sits correctly.

I am not usually one to put hearts into my work- you can even ask my students. Generally there is a rule in the studio that they cannot make hearts or dolphins but rules are made to be broken and you cannot argue with the popularity of a heart!!!

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Cavallaro Commission

A little known fact that is known amongst us common folk is that, when you may have the unfortunate experience of being robbed and your jewellery stolen, you can in fact have a jeweller of your choice nominated to replicate or create your new pieces to replace those which have been taken.

Your insurer will however try to steer you towards their nominated jeweller but that is in fact against the law. They can suggest a jeweller but you have the ultimate say when it comes to who you want.

I started doing a job for one Ms Mammarella at the end of last year. Her claim went through her insurer a number of weeks before the cheque was sent out for the work to commence, which added some delay to the work getting done before Christmas. To my recollection, the cheque for the work did not arrive until the week before Christmas, almost a month from getting the approval to be her jeweller!

This had then meant that the work could not commence straight away as some of the suppliers had closed for the Christmas break and some would not open till the beginning of the week of the 17th of January!

Thankfully, with an understanding client, we were able to make a start on the pieces but not able to finish them until almost the end of January once I had returned from overseas.

The following images show the completed works. Two ladies rings, one with a Blue Topaz and the other with a Green Quartz. The third ring is a men’s dress ring made for Ms Mammarella’s husband. We went with a construction feel for this piece as he is a builder.

The main construction of this ring called for a tension setting and although the stone is in fact tension set, the addition of the white gold bars on either side of the base of the Topaz gives added protection to the setting with the use of rivets on either side. The don’t really add anything to the setting itself as it would take a hefty whack to dislodge the stone, but they may hold the sides in place if ever such a whack was to occur!

This is a similar design to one I have done previously, much admired by my client, however there are a few subtle changes made to individualize this ring from the other. One of those was to splay the setting for a larger stone forcing the top half of the setting to bulge out. This then gave me a half way point to solder the top of the split band to. The bulbous setting makes for an interesting take on a traditional cone shape setting.

As Santo is a builder, creating a ring that reflects his occupation in a classy yet masculine way was my aim for his dress ring. Designing a ring with the double bands allowed me to make spacers between of 9ct white gold that would resemble beams and riveting the two bands together represents nailing the beams in place.

All in all, another satisfied customer!

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Advertising Ahoy!!!

This should help with a little bit of promotion!

Just done today by the guys at Iguana Signs (

Very happy with the results and it will certainly help with getting people to know what I do!

A Big shout out to Zoe from Zoe : A Design Studio for the graphics too!!!


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