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Cavallaro Event

Today was the first event for Dan Cox Jewellery Events held by Mrs Cavallaro.

Work colleagues came along to a morning tea and lunch, one to have a look at the range of work that I create and also to check out the amazing pizza oven that has been created in the back yard!

Everyone enjoyed themselves as they relaxed with a cup of tea, chatted about work and laughed about the mishaps, trials and tribulations of their jobs. Their was some hearty laughing happening!

All in all it was a very pleasant morning and lasted until the early afternoon.

The results were healthy too with some great purchases made, some commissions underway, as well as the possibility of another event being held by one of the attendees in the future.

The following images say it all……

The next event has been booked in for mid May and will be apart of the ‘Australia’s Largest Morning Tea’ fundraising for Cancer.

Up to 10% of the profits will be going to this charity.


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Trade Show Application In!!!

My First Instyle application for the Melbourne event in August has just been sent off.

The products that I will be taking with me will be some of the following pieces but I am also going to colour these so there is a little bit of variety.

Available in a variety of combinations that I am currently setting out, these are light weight and large Aluminium pieces that are specifically designed for the retail market.

I am also working on longer earrings that combine the different shapes that have been cut out so they are longer, but because they are Aluminium they are light to wear!

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1st Event!

This Sunday will see the first event hosting for Dan Cox Jewellery in Hatton Vale!

The client will be putting on a lovely morning tea for 6 guests who will be able to browse through the range at their leisure, ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy each others company!

I am especially looking forward to hosting the event and experiencing a more relaxed and calm environment, as opposed to the Studio Sales which are always a flurry of activity!! This should allow me to take the time to respond to the questions people have without too much pressure and a barked response as I am dealing with another 5 people at the same time! ;p


In hosting an event, my client will receive these lovely Fresh Water Pearl Studs in a 14ct Yellow Gold Stud valued at over $100!

On top of the clients present for hosting an event, they will also be receiving 10% off their total purchases on the day.

They can then increase this to 20% when two guests to their event book to have an event hosted at their place.

However, to help continue on the charitable work of DAN COX JEWELLERY, a host of an event can also opt to have the extra percentage they would normally receive donated to a charity of their choice!  So, if 1 event booking is achieved, Dan Cox Jewellery will donate 5% of the sales, and if 2 event bookings are achieved then 10% will be donated to the charity of the hosts choice, and the host still receives their 10% off purchases they make at their event!

This is an important aspect of the business to me. I have always volunteered and donated money to various charities, so it is important that I continue to help out whenever and however I can. I feel that we have a responsibility to help those who may be ‘less fortunate’ or in more need than ourselves.

I see this as an opportunity to also hep a variety of charities rather than one particular charity all the time. Some people may feel that they would like to help the Guide Dogs as someone they know is blind, another person may want to help the Children’s Starlight Foundation and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

We will also liaise with the charity on your behalf to make sure that the fundraising is happening through the correct channels and will reach the charity as promised.


As for events being booked in May, the free gift of the Fresh Water Pearl Studs will still be in effect. This will then change for June and July, to be posted in early May!!

Wish me luck on Sunday and I will post photos of the event in the week following.


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Come Fly With Me!

Over the weekend, Alex and I went to the Qantas Museum in Longreach. Anyone who knows us would know that this was a fairly exciting journey. Something that Alex has been looking forward to for a very long time!

We were meant to go during the Christmas break but the floods came and we were not able to get through! That was okay though as we we to the Hunter Valley and Newcastle and had a great time there instead!

Qantas however were offering cheap flights and what better way to go and see the museum of Qantas but on a Qantas Dash 8 400! I had never been on one of these before and have to say that they are one of my favourite planes. I actually felt safer on this plane than any other I have been on!

Well, there was plenty of excitement as we started the tour and we were pleased to find out that we would be the only ones doing the wing walk, which also gets you into the cockpit and the hold. I even managed to squeeze myself into the nose of the Jumbo! A place I will never be able to go again I am sure! If not why not I say!!

I have made a dvd of our experience at the museum which I will try and post captions of when I figure it out!!!

If you ever have the chance to do such a tour then I suggest you do everything that they can offer you. You will not regret having done it and you truly get to see another side of these magnificent machines!!!

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