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Christmas Tree Decorations!

Another selection of Christmas decorations that can be personalised. These have been made with Aluminium and Resin. They took a number of weeks to get together as the resin took a little while to set and there was a little bit of polishing to do. I am thinking that the small one will sell for $30, medium $35 and the large pieces will be $45 each.

I have left the back lightly textured to allow a personal message to be engraved into the back or like one of my clients suggested, having people’s names put onto them. They would make the perfect gift for the family!


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Christmas Tassels

I have been working on Christmas Bauble/Tassels for the upcoming studio sale on the 3rd and 4th of December!

These are the images of the work that I have done. They were a bit of an experiment so there are only 10 pieces altogether, but I am hoping that they are a success priced at $45 each for a hand made christmas decoration!



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Firing Up!

Things are certainly firing up in preparation for the studio sale. I had the idea of making Christmas baubles which have now developed into a half bauble half gem tassel, which I am actually quite excited about.
This version is made from aluminum and sparkle finished gems and I am hoping for a large feature crystal in the centers.
I will have photos of these on Monday once they are complete.
I’m getting rather excited to show off all I have created.
Stock is back from the retailers too to be cleaned up and ready for the sale. My trusty side kick Elaine will be on hand to help with this prep and be at the studio sale once again helping me out! She always does such a terrific job!!!

More from the studio soon!!

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For those of you who do not know, I am now on TWITTER!!!

You can follow my tweets:


See you there!!!! 

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Christmas Charms

In preparation for the Christmas Studio Sale on the 3rd and 4th of December I have created a range of Christmas Charms for the festive season!

I am feeling the Christmas vibe this year, which is usually not the case for any of you who know me!

I, for some reason, am really excited about Christmas this year and am looking forward to seeing everyone at the studio sale.



Snow Man Charm

Christmas Tree Charm

Snow Flake Charm (solid)

Snow Flake Charm (detailed)

Bells & Holly Charm

Small Angel Charm

Large Angel Charm

 All these charms are made from Sterling Silver.

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I have been working on a range of Sterling Silver Charms in preparation for my studio sale on the 3rd and 4th of December. These are some of the results that I will be sending down to Retrospect Galleries tomorrow morning:




Rabbit Charm

Stag Charm

Angel Charm (small)

Angel Charm (large)

Bird in Flight

Ferry Wren Charm

Blue Bird Charm (right facing)

Blue Bird Charm (left facing)

Chicken Charm

All these Charms are made from Sterling Silver and finished in a matte finish. They are approximately 1-2cm with the odd exception and are designed to be pendants, although I will also be making these into various other pieces as I always do! I like looking at them as components rather than the whole piece, although they are their own piece and can stand alone.

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Getting ready

I’m in the rows of getting ready for the studio sale, which is two weeks away!!!
I have been pouring resin, polishing silver charms, planning and starting sculptures, painting walls, cleaning and sorting!!!
I feel like I have been doing this for the last half a year!! It has only been 2 months however!
I’ll also have cleaning up of existing pieces and pricing to do…..
To achieve this, I need a plan of attack…..
It’s in my head at least which is good, but I like to have multiple jobs happening at the same time. My hands don’t love me though. Between doing my work, I’m also working extra days at Barbara Heath’s studio to get everything she needs finished done in time for her sale!!! I’ve emery’d through my thumb, hit it on the Linisher and they ache! The joys of being a jeweller I suppose.
I am really looking forward to working with something softer, like clay!!! That’s next week!!!

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