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New work

I’m very happy that I have finished all my work regarding commissions currently. This now means that I can focus on the new stuff. I can continue with the sculptures and the wax work and start doing more cuttlefish castings and broom castings.
I haven’t been able to get back to doing any of it for the last week and it seems like months ago that I even picked up a tool to do just what I wanted to do. I can’t wait!

It took a while for me to get to sleep last night as I was thinking of all the new pieces I want to create and how I can do them all. One of the things I want to revisit is my cardboard sculptures. I made a sculpture in uni of a large leaf. I want to push this further and make some flowers and larger scaled work using the similar technique of joining that I used back them but incorporate colour in the pieces. I keep on having images of the little shop of horrors happen in my head and I suppose that indicates that I would prefer them to be more fantasy rather than reality.
One thing I would really like to do is make some of them on a large scale that they can be classified as installations.

This has also opened the doors of imagination on creating sculptures of star fish out of laser cut steel. I have always wanted to create a series of pieces that come together to make the sculpture and my thought was to make these star fish for my application for sculpture by the sea towards the end of the year. Having a number of them lining the shore. They could also be exhibited in the gallery setting also and have a jewellery application.

So many thoughts!


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Andersen Commission

A while back, at my studio sale to be precise, a client’s sister called me to see if I would be able to to something with her earrings. She had just bought some earrings and unfortunately one had fallen out of her ear without her realising. By the time she did, she went back out onto the street where she had parked her car and discovered that her earring had been run over.

I unfortunately could not resurrect the earring and came up with a new design concept for the pair. This was to melt them down and either make studs or drops of them with some form of Amethyst attached to add colour.

Luckily I found the perfect pair of hand carved Amethysts in India and the design was complete!


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Silk Art – Natalya Khomenko

A fellow creative friend of mine who does wonderful silk art sent me through these images which she is using for promotional purposes and she is wearing my earring!

She has come a bit of a collector of my pieces which has been great! Soon she will be setting up a web site that I am considering being a part of although I am getting further involved with the carving processes at this stage, but the timing may be right by the time this site is up and running.

  Reference: Silk Art РNatalya Khomenko, Make up artist РBindi Moor, Photographer РKelly Rose.

I highly recommend that you visit Natalya’s web site to view all her latest creations!!

Beautiful work Natalya!!!

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Wishing a Happy Birthday to my sister


I hope you have a wonderful day and celebrate well!!!!

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Plane Chain

When I first started making jewellery, I made a lot of pieces that included the plane motif.


At my studio sale, one of my colleagues from the BIA bought in a chain that I had made many years ago. In fact, this was the first chain that I had ever made! Some of the links needed repair. Not surprisingly there were too many to mention and I took the piece to repair these links and make sure that this time they were done correctly!

This has also inspired me not only to get back into the plane motif but also making chain again. Simple and elegant. Elegant and random!


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Earring Re Configuration


Although not a big commission, it was an absolute pleasure to help out a student of mine to provide a nice pendant for her friend’s wedding.

She called me a matter of weeks ago trying to think of something she could have made up to match the earrings her friend already had on hand. I met with Leonie personally to see what she would like and to also have her show me the earrings. It happened that the earrings were bought from Myer, so we went and had a look.

I came up with the suggestion of using another pair of the earrings to make a matching pendant and Leonie was very happy. This is the result. Technically not challenging but a satisfied customer and well and truly under the expected budget!


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Sculpture 2012

I have started on my first sculpture of the year. I am giving myself a month to complete each sculpture and will be posting video and stills of the process for all to see. I am hoping then to have 11 -12 sculptures finished by the end of the year.


This link will take you to the video of the first part of this sculpture. It goes for 5 minutes. I will edit the entire subsequent videos together into a 5 minute movie of the sculpture from wo to go!


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