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Toowoomba workshop @ Cobb+Co Museum

This last weekend I was up at Toowoomba at the Cobb+Co Museum facilitating a silversmithing workshop. I have a few of these to do this year and this was the first of the series.

The facility is not too different to a lot of Flying Arts set ups that I have worked in. I take all the tools with me and set everything up before everyone arrives and we get started creating wonderful pieces – as you will be able to see from the photos!

The great thing about this place too is that they provide us with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea! It is totally amazing!! The amount of food we had on the first day was unbelievable and  meant that I did not have to have any dinner as I was so full I couldn’t fit another thing in!

Another great aspect of working up there is that the staff are so friendly and helpful. It was a real pleasure to be there and nothing was too much trouble.

My students were a mother and daughter and a boarder from one of the schools who was in grade 11. They usually don’t run a course unless they have the minimum number of 5 people, but as there had been some issues in the past few months, they felt that they needed to run this course. This was also a great way for me to see how everything worked without there being too many people on hand to worry about in the beginning. One of the great things with this set up also is that they have forced breaks at 10-12 and 2 which gets everyone up and out of the studio. Something that I will be adopting in my weekend courses back at the BIA. Otherwise people get a little too involved in their projects and they become too tense!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy their time with me which as always a bonus with hopefully creating a base of repeat students. All three of the participants said that they would love to come back and learn something else and gave some really good suggestions as to what they would be interested in next. So I will do up some projects and cost them out. This way, people will be able to select some of the projects that they would be interested in and I will be able to budget the materials to specifically what they would like to make…..well that’s the plan anyway!


So all in all it was a really good weekend. I got to spend time with my mother and step-father as well as meet new people and have some great food!

Very satisfying!



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Warwick Fashion Parade and Alternate Materials

As promised, here are some photos of the Warwick Workshop I facilitated last week where my 10 year old students had probably had too much soft drink for their own good!








I had a couple of older girls the following day for the Alternate Materials workshop!! Here are some pics from that……





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Image Image

Very good friends of ours are having a little baby boy. Her is due in only a couple of weeks and we recently attended the baby shower to celebrate his pending arrival.

As a surprise and a celebration, and also to add a bit of humour, I created this piece.

The story behind this piece dates back to when they first told Alex and I that they were having a baby and we started to talk about names. They mentioned that they would like a strong name but nothing overly masculine. Hercules came out as a possibility that we knew they would never take on but it became a joke.

I happend to have watched the Disney version of Hercules a number of times and thought that this could serve as inspiration for a piece to celebrate little Herc’s arrival.

Hence I have created a piece with Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold and a disc of peal shell that one of my students gave me. I wanted to created a medallion like that out of Hercules the movie but it had to be something that his mother could wear and that would be kept for him for when he was older. Not that I expect him to wear it when he is older, just that he should have it as a reminder and a keep sake.

When he is born I will engrave on the back his name and date of birth.

There is still no firm decision on his name as they will wait to see him first before making their decision.

A precious little gift for another precious little gift!

Congratulations Aiden and Renee.

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Warwick workshops

So I’m in Warwick at the moment teaching brooch making with kids. I had 10 girls today, all around the age of 10. Eager little workers they were. It all started off quietly but in true form they were all off and running faster than you could finish the sentence ” who’s in for a game of elastics”?
Soon I had everyone sawing and filing, gluing and glittering until their heart was content. So much so that the floor resembled a bad 70’s dance off had just taken place. Add in the fact that they may have had a soft drink or two and I almost had complete anarchy on my hands, until of course I made the suggestion they did a fashion parade with their new creations that would be judged by Casselle, the tutor who is teaching felting.
Like bulls to a red rag, these girls had pinned on their pieces and were ready to go. They had even organized music for the event!!! I showed them where they were going to walk and what they had to do and was even the official photographer of the fashion show. I will be posting some of these upon my return! Hilarious!
It was a great day had by all and they all seemed to be over the moon with their creations!
Well done girls!

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Toowoomba workshop

So I’m ready for my 3 hrworkshop in Toowoomba. A trial with the Cobb & Co Museum to run a series of workshops throughout the next 12-18 months. The first of which will be on the 21st and 22nd of April!


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