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Cue Ball out!


Another leaves the studio. Bound for Sydney!!!


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The art prize that I have been working on for the BIA was shelved today given the lack of investment from sponsors and the current enrolment situation at the BIA. There will be too much of a short fall for the BIA to cover and it is simply money that they don’t have. 


My position now has changed to initiate and investigate ways that we can raise our public awareness and increase our enrolments. I am now looking at ways we can do this as well as build our relationships with our donors and members. 

That should be a little easier than cold calling!! 


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Art Jewellery Magazine Article


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Friendly and curious

Look who decided to pay a visit to the BIA office and gallery today.



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I have been doing a lot of workshops of late and it looks as though it will only get busier from now on.

I am not only working through the BIA but also Flying Arts and the Cobb&Co Museum in Toowoomba.

There is a lot of work on!


I am really enjoying seeing the creativity that people have and what their thoughts are. They have been highly appreciative of the time they spend learning and seeing how things can be made. The best result is having a product that they can take away with them at the end of it that they thought they would never have been able to create.

Here are some of the pieces that have been created in the past few workshops. There are plenty more to come!!
















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