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Etsy Shop Open!!!

Emmanuel & Cox have launched their Etsy Shop!!!

Follow the above link to check out our stock and make sales!!! 


Happy Shopping!


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Great work out weather!


Boxing certainly won’t be happening outside tonight!!!

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Sprocket Update

Well it has been just over a month since Sprocket came to join the Villa Reiven household. 

There was a small period of adjustment. Introducing Sprocket to so much has been a wonderful journey as he learns the rules of the house. Rules which he has picked up very quickly!

Already he knows not to venture into the kitchen or main bedroom, waiting patiently for you  to come out of either, and hopefully with food out of one! 

Our house has slowly been invaded by a growing number of toys that have been donated, bought and gifted! He has more beds than one can handle and is constantly being told how cute he is – by everyone who meets him! He is such a charmer!


One of the most impressive things of all is his attachment to us and therefore his obedience. Having walked him a couple of times on the lead I decided that I may try to see if he would follow me once I let him off the lead. This allows him to go off and sniff this and that but come back to me when I get too far away! Happily, to my surprise, he sticks fairly close to me and does not run off at all. 

I have a play pen for him that I take to work and have him sleep in, but for most of the time the door is open for him to come in and out as he pleases, so that he can get his fill of cuddles and attention from my students. He is learning to get out of the way too! 

Travelling in the car has become a narcoleptic venture. As soon as the car starts driving, he is asleep and does not stir until I pull the handbrake! 

Tricks he has learned thus far are: Sit, Stay, Drop, High-five, and we are currently negotiating Roll-Over! 

I would like to take him to training to socialise him as well as give him the mental stimulation that he needs! But, YouTube has been a great help in teaching him newer, more complicated tricks! 


Another good thing is that he is not afraid of the water! If it is raining then he is happy to go out to the toilet and not be too precious!, he loves to walk in the rain and run through the grass and puddles, only to come home to have a bath and blow-dry to make him clean and fluffy again! 

He has even been enrolled into grooming school at the Dog Den, where he has had his first visit, with much success and adoration from the staff! He can now see as the hair around his eyes has been trimmed!! 

My plan is to grow the rest of his hair so he has a long haired teddy bear look for winter, then trim him down for the hotter months! 

Plus, I want to keep that lovely Apricot!!


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