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Brisbane News Article on Emmanuel + Cox



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Shit off the Liver

Have you ever had the need to just change something? You can’t put your finger on it, but there is a need to create or destroy something to change, refresh, restart or even complete something?

This passed weekend, although restful, involved a frenetic two hours of destruction and rejuvenation in our garden. As my mother-in-law would put it -“getting shit off the liver!”

For months I have been harvesting 6 sprigs of a beautiful and hardy Hibiscus that was given to us by some very good friends of ours. Now, our garden is not that big but it has a large variety of plants in it, and we have tried to make it reflect the gardens at the various places we have travelled. Samoa, Thailand, Bali, Burma and more. The trouble is where to place these plants when the garden is so full. There is only one solution to such a problem and that is to remove older plants that are near the end of their life cycle. The ginger that once was magnificent, which now reflects the hairline of an ageing man, and the fountain grass which no longer has any pump to it!

I vigorously ripped out all these plants with feverish abandon, neglecting the fact there was little to no room in the bin for everything I was ripping out. The beauty of bin day however is that you can add a little to the bins around you, if you ask nicely enough.

After all the effort of clearing roots, cutting up the long lengths of ginger and raking up piles of dead leaves, I finally could dig the holes for the new plants to go in, fertilise the garden and water. Now the waiting game begins. I wait to see if new leaves form on the Hibiscus, ensuring that they are well watered and fed to make sure they take root and grow.  There is nothing more unfortunate than a death in the garden and I am keeping all my fingers crossed that they plants take and grow into beautiful and lush bushes.


Here’s hoping.


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