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Inspired thought

So last night I was sitting around playing on Pinterest (DAP Jewellery School) looking at different landscapes when I had an inspired thought. I have always been a little bit fascinated with Chinese culture and landscapes etc, and I started thinking about the name seals that the Chinese make. I actually have one of these with my Chinese name carved into it. So I thought that I would combine the two passions into the one form. Do small scale sculptures that are in a Chinese landscape theme with the shape of the name seal.

The seals usually have animals or a person on the top as they have to be usable but I like the idea of containing the landscape on such a small scale and only having a single tree or rock or combination on it. even with a bit of the landscape running down the edge of it like a waterfall…..

I’ve already cut the hebel stone and I am on my way!! !

Watch this space!


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2016 – Hitting the ground running!

So last year saw the launch of DAP Jewellery School in Coorparoo. A huge undertaking that seems to be gaining momentum. I am really happy with the progress of the school so far with plenty more opportunities for promotion of the school and the work we are doing. Our program this year is filling up, with enamel, metal texturing workshops, colouring workshops, pmc and more. I have also been asked to do more external classes with groups in Nobby, Warwick and with the North Brisbane Lapidary Club. All of which helps with getting the studio name out there as well as my own.

But this year I would also like to do more in regards to competitions and exhibitions, working towards a new collection of sculpture, jewellery and more. This will be a lot of work but I think I really need to get my name out there as this all helps with getting the school known also. These are not necessarily jewellery based, although there is always and element of this in the mix, I do also want to explore more of the painting and the sculpture side of things. I am in the process of developing a catalogue of ideas and trying to get together a collection of images that I can reference.

What can I say, I like to be busy….


I am hoping to use this outlet more along the lines of my personal journey with the development of the exhibition pieces and collection. Documenting the designs, drawing and so forth….


First instalment should be just around the corner!


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