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Completed cuts!


So, as I have started to do Lapidary, I have been given a whole bunch of slabs on New Zealand Jade to play with! Exciting new pieces coming from these slabs in the coming weeks!

I have also managed to finish my first cabochon in Gympie-ite and have started a couple of others which are smaller pieces. It will be interesting to see how these turn out. This is such a great experience, learning how to cut gems to the way you want them cut. I am really looking forward to going ahead and cutting some more pieces but in a way that I want to shape and polish them. As I said – this should start happening next week! If I had more time I would love to be doing this more often and at this stage I can’t really afford to be going out and buying the machinery to at least trim the slabs!

This is where I need to be patient and just wait!




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Lapidary kickoff!

Im super excited! Today was my first day at the North Brisbane Lapidary Club in Northgate and I was shown how to create my first cabochon! Although I am still underway with this process and have the polishing to do I am really happy with the progress so far!


Just getting the shape correct is the challenge, but once you have that right you can go ahead and adjust what you like and create unique shapes as you like. I have a plan with this process. I want to be able to cut stones specific for pieces that I am creating and even look at butting up stones against each other in settings. Allowing them to create an image in their own right!

Next week I will have this one finished and polished up with my sights set on creating something else, cut to the way I want them!!

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