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New Works

So I have been a little absent lately as I have been head down bum up for an exhibition in November called TOPOLOGY at Percolator Gallery. This is a joint exhibition with Lyne Tilt, a good friend of mine who at the beginning of the year discussed the possibility of having an exhibition, and as we both wanted to do an exhibition this year we thought that it would be god to do this together as it saves us the costs and amount of work that we need to do to get this done in time.


It has been a 7 month slog to get this far. We still have plenty to do but we are on the home stretch and looking forward to the opening night on the 25th of November. This will be a showing of all the work we can do so it is rather important to both of us. A variety of work will be shown from painting, sculpture, etchings, drawings and more. I am really looking forward to showing and hopefully selling some of the work!!!


Here are a few of the pieces that will be on exhibition:





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