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Vietnam so far…¬†

One of the things people tell you when you ate about to head of to vietnam is the traffic.  Once you get here and, if you have never been to Bangkok, India or any other major Asian city, you should find the traffic a walk in the park.  Slow and steady is what they say but it depends on what is hurtling towards you.  A quick side step here or there and you’ll be fine.  Just remember to look both ways!! 

On this trip i have been taking along a miniature figure called Walter. He has been the travel companion who has featured in most of the photos.  Seeming i have started working with #miniatures and small scale i thought it best to travel blog with him too.  Of course most of this has been on instagram @dancoxart as it offers up such ease in photo logging what is happening around you. 

Here are some photos of Walter’s journey…. 


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These beautiful pieces came into the studio recently for a resize…. some a fair few sizes up!! 

Oh and a much needed clean!! 

The diamonds sparkle now. Lol

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Brisbane Boys Grammar

This coming August will see a new series of work created around the theme of 1950’s Sci-fi posters and imagery.  

Each piece has been created from old forks and spoons, enamel and small plastic figurines.  I am trying to use an everyday object and re-contextualize it into a series of fun sculptures of miniatures.  

I am having a lot of fun with creating these works, aimed more at the men in the audience, and hopefully a point of difference in the exhibition from the other jewellery.  

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