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Latest creation

Here is the latest creation to come out of the studio. The first commission of many I hope. A very happy customer!




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Ring commission – Fencing Ring

I was contacted by a lady a few weeks ago to make a ring for her daughter that centers around her favorite hobby/ sport! She does fencing!

Here is the result!



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Sheehan Commission

So I have been working on this piece for a while now and have just handed it over to the client.

What a response! I was nervous for what she would say as I had shown Sandra the cast piece – uncompleted – so I could get the sizing right for her. This is nearly always the moment where people start to wonder if I know what I am doing as the piece is in what I call the “car crash phase”. It looks bad as it is in construction and not nicely finished.

So there were some concerns that she had with the size and shape of the square but I asked her to leave it with me and when it is done I am sure she will love it.

Using the existing ring and gold that she had I forged a new band to which I soldered this and blended it into the new squared top. The stone was given to her and she was not very happy with the look of it as she did not know what to do with it. A concept was developed and the drawing won her over. There may have been a speed bump along the way but in the end she is amazed by how it turned out and over the moon!





I believe the word was “magnificent” by the time she walked out with the ring on her finger!!!

And she can’t wait to show it off!

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Cue Ball out!


Another leaves the studio. Bound for Sydney!!!

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Andersen Commission

A while back, at my studio sale to be precise, a client’s sister called me to see if I would be able to to something with her earrings. She had just bought some earrings and unfortunately one had fallen out of her ear without her realising. By the time she did, she went back out onto the street where she had parked her car and discovered that her earring had been run over.

I unfortunately could not resurrect the earring and came up with a new design concept for the pair. This was to melt them down and either make studs or drops of them with some form of Amethyst attached to add colour.

Luckily I found the perfect pair of hand carved Amethysts in India and the design was complete!


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Plane Chain

When I first started making jewellery, I made a lot of pieces that included the plane motif.


At my studio sale, one of my colleagues from the BIA bought in a chain that I had made many years ago. In fact, this was the first chain that I had ever made! Some of the links needed repair. Not surprisingly there were too many to mention and I took the piece to repair these links and make sure that this time they were done correctly!

This has also inspired me not only to get back into the plane motif but also making chain again. Simple and elegant. Elegant and random!


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Earring Re Configuration


Although not a big commission, it was an absolute pleasure to help out a student of mine to provide a nice pendant for her friend’s wedding.

She called me a matter of weeks ago trying to think of something she could have made up to match the earrings her friend already had on hand. I met with Leonie personally to see what she would like and to also have her show me the earrings. It happened that the earrings were bought from Myer, so we went and had a look.

I came up with the suggestion of using another pair of the earrings to make a matching pendant and Leonie was very happy. This is the result. Technically not challenging but a satisfied customer and well and truly under the expected budget!


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