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I have a client who had spoken to me a while ago regarding having something made for her family members for Christmas. Specifically some silver jewellery and pieces that utilised aspects of pieces I have created previously.

From the charms that I have created in preparation for the sale, we sat down together and drew up a plan as to what would be created for the Christmas presents. This first present was to be for her husband. These were to be cufflinks. Her husband wears a lot of them and she is always trying to find an individual pair. I think that there is nothing better than an individual pair of cufflinks that can be appreciated by the wearer. Then again, I could be seen as being biased!

We decided to go for a set of stag cufflinks as follows:

As most people are aware, I am one for texture and finishes. I don’t like to polish things up that shiny that the detail of the piece is lost when you look at it. I like to use texture as a way to paint a picture. I textured the stag to make it look like the fur and polished the antlers to make them stand out from the frosty moon like scape behind. This moonscape was incorporated into the design to protect the antlers from catching on anything as well as give the pieces some context. The Stag appears to be breeching against the pale subject of the moon. This is a very masculine symbol of power and endurance, which for a business man, seemed to be the perfect present!

The next item on the list was a bangle that included some of the charms. We made a selection of a few pieces that could be used in the bangle, but the ultimate decision was left up to me. It did have to reflect the Christmas spirit though, hence we chose all of the Christmas Charms:

Rather than having the Charms in a bracelet format, or having them fixed onto the bangle, my client wanted to have the pieces free moving on the bangle, so that when you moved your arm they would still move around and not be fixed. Although some effort was made to space the charms so they did not gather together and knock each other, I also did not want them to sit perfectly distanced on the bangle, nor did I want them to sit dead centre on the bangle -given the various dimension of the charms.

Wearability is another aspect to consider and when you do the size of a piece from a guess there is always the chance that the piece needs to be re configured. This we will have to have a look at when the present is opened and worn, but any slight adjustments are never too much of an issue! I am sure it will be well received!


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