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Very good friends of ours are having a little baby boy. Her is due in only a couple of weeks and we recently attended the baby shower to celebrate his pending arrival.

As a surprise and a celebration, and also to add a bit of humour, I created this piece.

The story behind this piece dates back to when they first told Alex and I that they were having a baby and we started to talk about names. They mentioned that they would like a strong name but nothing overly masculine. Hercules came out as a possibility that we knew they would never take on but it became a joke.

I happend to have watched the Disney version of Hercules a number of times and thought that this could serve as inspiration for a piece to celebrate little Herc’s arrival.

Hence I have created a piece with Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold and a disc of peal shell that one of my students gave me. I wanted to created a medallion like that out of Hercules the movie but it had to be something that his mother could wear and that would be kept for him for when he was older. Not that I expect him to wear it when he is older, just that he should have it as a reminder and a keep sake.

When he is born I will engrave on the back his name and date of birth.

There is still no firm decision on his name as they will wait to see him first before making their decision.

A precious little gift for another precious little gift!

Congratulations Aiden and Renee.


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New Work – Model ready for mold!



I have been working on some new sculptural jewellery. One piece in particular which will be used as the model for a lot more of the same style, but a series of works.

I have been preparing her over the passed week to send of to have a mold made so that I can make replica pieces and will be making a variety of them with different stones etc.

Inspired by the carvings I have seen in my travels as well as those I have seen in photographs of buildings from family and friends, I am slowly building up a collection of images that will help me with my designs.

This particular piece is one of a series of pieces that I am working on. My hope is to have a number of dancing ladies on offer and to use as a base for future pieces.


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Plane Chain

When I first started making jewellery, I made a lot of pieces that included the plane motif.


At my studio sale, one of my colleagues from the BIA bought in a chain that I had made many years ago. In fact, this was the first chain that I had ever made! Some of the links needed repair. Not surprisingly there were too many to mention and I took the piece to repair these links and make sure that this time they were done correctly!

This has also inspired me not only to get back into the plane motif but also making chain again. Simple and elegant. Elegant and random!


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Octo Neck Pieces – Round with Oval

Octo Neck Piece

Large Round with Large Ovals

Available in Black, Silver, Gold and Blue finishes

Anodised Aluminium, Silver

Contact for pricing and orders

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Octo Neck Pieces- Oval and Feature

Octo Neck Piece

Large Black Oval with Feature Round

Feature colours: Gold, Silver, Blue finishes

Anodised Aluminium, Silver

Contact for pricing and orders


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Octo Neck Piece – Colour Combo

Octo Neck Piece

Anodised Aluminium, Silver

Available in Black & Gold  РSilver & Blue finishes

Contact: for pricing and orders

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Fashion Parade

Last night was the Art on James event where art and fashion combined forces in an “up late” event in James Street New Farm.

These photo’s are from a fashion parade where I made pieces specifically for the parade.

It was good to see them on the human form! When I make I don’t get to try them on many people and as I only have one ear which can still take an earring, it makes it hard getting the full picture! Plus, earrings never look good on a bearded, scruffy looking man! Especially these ones! Lol!







A big thank you to Sam from Stone and Metal for giving me the opportunity to get the pieces ready for this event on short notice and getting the models together!


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