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New Work – Model ready for mold!



I have been working on some new sculptural jewellery. One piece in particular which will be used as the model for a lot more of the same style, but a series of works.

I have been preparing her over the passed week to send of to have a mold made so that I can make replica pieces and will be making a variety of them with different stones etc.

Inspired by the carvings I have seen in my travels as well as those I have seen in photographs of buildings from family and friends, I am slowly building up a collection of images that will help me with my designs.

This particular piece is one of a series of pieces that I am working on. My hope is to have a number of dancing ladies on offer and to use as a base for future pieces.



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Siamese Fighting Fish Continued…….

SO you have seen what I have done thus far with one of the sculptures I am working on at the moment. This is just one section of the sculpture and there is another fish to start and complete yet, but I am pleased to state that I have finished one fish completely. I have put more detail into his tail and re polished him to make him nice and shiny!

I have also started on his environment and have soldered some of the castings together to make rock formations and will be working further on making plants in silver that will fill in some of the space also.

Next will be starting the 2nd fish that he will be fighting of course. Then this sculpture will be complete.


You can view a video that I have done of the piece via the following link:



Or you can search for my channel on Youtube Dan Cox Art.!

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Sculpture 2012

I have started on my first sculpture of the year. I am giving myself a month to complete each sculpture and will be posting video and stills of the process for all to see. I am hoping then to have 11 -12 sculptures finished by the end of the year.


This link will take you to the video of the first part of this sculpture. It goes for 5 minutes. I will edit the entire subsequent videos together into a 5 minute movie of the sculpture from wo to go!


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Brah-voh BIA Staff Exhibition

This Saturday is the opening of the Brisbane Institute of Art staff exhibition of which I am exhibiting wall mounted works, sculptural works, as well as jewellery.

I went in today to set up my display cabinet of goodies as well as drop off the sculptural works for the set up that will happening over the next couple of days in the lead up to the opening.

This should be a great event as there are a number of participants this year, given that there was no staff exhibition held last year. It is also a great way to see what the staff can produce and that they practice what they preach – or at least they practice what they preach!

Here are some of the sculptural pieces that I will have on display at the exhibition:


Wood, Steel, Polymer Clay, Paint, Brass


Acrylic, Wood, Steel, Twine, Leather, Fluorescent Light

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