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So last night I was sitting around playing on Pinterest (DAP Jewellery School) looking at different landscapes when I had an inspired thought. I have always been a little bit fascinated with Chinese culture and landscapes etc, and I started thinking about the name seals that the Chinese make. I actually have one of these with my Chinese name carved into it. So I thought that I would combine the two passions into the one form. Do small scale sculptures that are in a Chinese landscape theme with the shape of the name seal.

The seals usually have animals or a person on the top as they have to be usable but I like the idea of containing the landscape on such a small scale and only having a single tree or rock or combination on it. even with a bit of the landscape running down the edge of it like a waterfall…..

I’ve already cut the hebel stone and I am on my way!! !

Watch this space!


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2016 – Hitting the ground running!

So last year saw the launch of DAP Jewellery School in Coorparoo. A huge undertaking that seems to be gaining momentum. I am really happy with the progress of the school so far with plenty more opportunities for promotion of the school and the work we are doing. Our program this year is filling up, with enamel, metal texturing workshops, colouring workshops, pmc and more. I have also been asked to do more external classes with groups in Nobby, Warwick and with the North Brisbane Lapidary Club. All of which helps with getting the studio name out there as well as my own.

But this year I would also like to do more in regards to competitions and exhibitions, working towards a new collection of sculpture, jewellery and more. This will be a lot of work but I think I really need to get my name out there as this all helps with getting the school known also. These are not necessarily jewellery based, although there is always and element of this in the mix, I do also want to explore more of the painting and the sculpture side of things. I am in the process of developing a catalogue of ideas and trying to get together a collection of images that I can reference.

What can I say, I like to be busy….


I am hoping to use this outlet more along the lines of my personal journey with the development of the exhibition pieces and collection. Documenting the designs, drawing and so forth….


First instalment should be just around the corner!


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DAP Jewellery School OPEN DAY!

This coming weekend will see the doors open to the public for the first time, to celebrate the studio warming of DAP Jewellery School.

All are Welcome. Come and help the celebrations!

DAP Jewellery School

DAP Jewellery School Open Day 

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DAP Jewellery School – MAKE YOUR MARK!

SO as you have noticed I have been hiding under a rock! Well that is all about to change.

In the past few months I have been looking to expand my teaching in opening a facility of my own, and it is finally coming to be a reality! DAP Jewellery School is opening in February with a new facility in Coorparoo!!

For all the information on courses that will be run through DAP please head to:

With this new facility I am wanting to offer to students more than what is being offered through other schools at present. I want to have this as a creative hub for all forms of jewellery manufacture!! Everything from silver smithing, resin, felting, beading, clay work, ceramics, small sculpture, PMC and more.

I am calling on all my great artist friends to share their knowledge and create an amazing hub for jewellery creation in Brisbane.

I will be adding more courses as time goes on to share with you all.

watch this space!

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Sprocket Tags + Collars Launch

Finally it’s all come to a head with the launch of Sprocket Tags + Collars at the Farmers Markets in New Farm on the weekend. Furry Gourmet will be stocking our latest products of leads and collars and tags for your pet. We are also speaking with groomers throughout Brisbane to stock their shops with the tags.
Here are some images from the weekend, and thanks to all of you who came down and offered your support!






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Brisbane News Article on Emmanuel + Cox


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Shit off the Liver

Have you ever had the need to just change something? You can’t put your finger on it, but there is a need to create or destroy something to change, refresh, restart or even complete something?

This passed weekend, although restful, involved a frenetic two hours of destruction and rejuvenation in our garden. As my mother-in-law would put it -“getting shit off the liver!”

For months I have been harvesting 6 sprigs of a beautiful and hardy Hibiscus that was given to us by some very good friends of ours. Now, our garden is not that big but it has a large variety of plants in it, and we have tried to make it reflect the gardens at the various places we have travelled. Samoa, Thailand, Bali, Burma and more. The trouble is where to place these plants when the garden is so full. There is only one solution to such a problem and that is to remove older plants that are near the end of their life cycle. The ginger that once was magnificent, which now reflects the hairline of an ageing man, and the fountain grass which no longer has any pump to it!

I vigorously ripped out all these plants with feverish abandon, neglecting the fact there was little to no room in the bin for everything I was ripping out. The beauty of bin day however is that you can add a little to the bins around you, if you ask nicely enough.

After all the effort of clearing roots, cutting up the long lengths of ginger and raking up piles of dead leaves, I finally could dig the holes for the new plants to go in, fertilise the garden and water. Now the waiting game begins. I wait to see if new leaves form on the Hibiscus, ensuring that they are well watered and fed to make sure they take root and grow.  There is nothing more unfortunate than a death in the garden and I am keeping all my fingers crossed that they plants take and grow into beautiful and lush bushes.


Here’s hoping.


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